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The Starter for Dodge Stealth R/T's are located on the Front Right hand side of the car, it is actually attached to the front bottom of the Transmission next to the exhaust pipe and the front motor mount. It should have a Red rubber cover over the terminal as if it was a Battery. GSM

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Q: Where is the starter for a 1991 dodge stealth located?
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1991 dodge stealth fuel pump problems?


Where is the oxygen sensor location on 1991 Dodge Stealth?

they are located right at the exhaust manifold

Where is the fuel cutoff relay on a 1991 dodge stealth?

The 1991 Dodge Stealth fuel pump cutoff relay switch is located on the firewall in the engine compartment. You will find the relay switch on the drivers side of the engine compartment.

What is the bolt pattern on a 1991 dodge stealth?


Where is the starter located on a 1991 Dodge Shadow?

The starter on the 2.2L and 2.5L is under the exhaust manifold on the back side of the engine.

Where is the starter relay switch located on a 1991 dodge van?

Maybe on the top of the starter - follow the + battery cable it will connect to the starter relay (solenoid)

Whats is the registered speed for a 1991 dodge stealth?

160 mph

Where can you get a real factory service manual for a 1991 Dodge Stealth RT TT?

Just go to the have pretty much anything you need for a dodge stealth or 3000gt

Where is the air intake temperature sensor located on a 1991 dodge stealth?

the iat is built into the mass air flow sensor attached to the intake tube

Does an ecu for a 1991 dodge stealth need mapped after installation?

No, that is for OBD2 cars.

Do you have to use premium gas in a 1991 Dodge Stealth RT?

yes, it is recommended

What is the fuel recommendation for 1991 dodge stealth?

91 octane/premium fuel

Where is the starter located on a 1991 Toyota tercel?

The starter on a 1991 Toyota Tercel is located in the front of the engine. It will be located on the left side.

Srs 1991 dodge stealth?

Take it to the Dodge Dealership and let them either change the sensor or reset the system for you.

Where is the starter relay for a 1991 dodge dynasty 3.3 liter?

The 1991 Dodge Dynasty starter relay switch can be found in the fuse box. The starter relay switch will be in the third column, third from the top.

Is it same dash board 1991 dodge stealth and 1996 dodge stealth?

no the passenger air bag was introduced in 1994 changing the dash used from the gen 1 to the gen 2

How many quarts does a 1991 dodge stealth manual v6 transmission use?


Will a 1991 dodge stealth twin turbo engine fit a 1994 3000gt?

yes it will

Do you need an ecu for a 1991 dodge stealth?

Yes, the computer is required to run the engine.

Where is the ecu on a 1991 dodge stealth?

behind the radio across the back of the center console

Where is the thermostat located on a 1991 dodge stealth?

Under coolant fill, in the thermostat housing, rear of engine (middle of engine bay) above trans/engine seam

What is the blue book price of a 1991 dodge stealth?

it depends on a lot of things. go to

What type of oil does a 1991 dodge stealth take?

10w-30 fully synthetic is recommended

Where is the starter located on a 1991 Acura vigor?

The 1991 Acura starter is located near the front of the engine, on the left-hand side. You will find the starter near the bottom of the engine.

How much is a used 91 dodge stealth motor?

I paid 500.00 for a 3.0 1991 dodge stealth ,motor it has 117,000 miles on it I will sell it for 500 plus shipping Dave 928-846 -9431

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