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Where is the starter for a 1994 Saturn SL?


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2010-05-11 01:21:08
2010-05-11 01:21:08

If you look where the alternator is to the right you can see it. Most likely it is covered with grease but is the only gold part on the car.

well im not sure but every one else is saying the same for most cars. look under the passenger side by the exahaust mainfold and transmission.


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The starter on a 2000 Saturn SL is located on the bottom, left side of the engine. It is powered directly by the vehicle's battery.

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98.00 you can go to a site called and find them for $61 New! and $7 shipping or taxes come to $68. something.

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On the firewall side of the engine above the starter

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The starter is located on the back of the enginen under the intake manifold Follow the red canle from the battery It ends at the starter

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Please visit my BIO page for a link to my Saturn help site. under the link at the bottom that says "Starter" you will find a visual reference to the location of the starter and as to what it looks like.

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