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if ur gonna look for any starter on vehicals look for it on the trans ALWAYS between the trans and motor

AnswerWith the hood open, and looking at the front of the engine. Go to the left side of the engine and look as far down and to the back of the engine as possible. The starter is about 3 inches around, and 6 inches long. You will see one large wire and 2 smaller wires attached to it. It is mounted to the transmission housing with two bolts. The easiest way to get at it is from the underside. For safety reasons. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery before removing the starter. It hard to get at, but not hard to do yourself. A beginer should be able to remove and replace it under an hour. Good Luck! Hope it goes well. One other caution: wear something to protect your eyes from grease and dirt, that will fall on you as you remove, and reinstall it. P.S it's heavy for it's size. AnswerYou can take this one step further and replace the contacts inside the starter for under $10.00 instead of replacing the whole starter - this is easy enough for a beginner/do-it-yourselfer too because I proved it to myself.

Tip: Make sure you take the contacts to the Toyota dealer so they can match them up. I tried to do it with part numbers over the phone and only caused havoc. It's much easier if you take the contacts in and ask the parts dealer to match them up for you.

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Q: Where is the starter located on a 1988 Toyota truck and what does it look like?
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