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Hi, The starter should be located on the right side of the engine, tucked in real close to the engine. If you will look down from the battery side, you should see the starter about in a line with the front side of the battery. If the starter is not working or sometimes not working, try hitting the starter while someone turns the key to the start position...really, this works. Until you can replace the starter, this is a way to keep going. It does mean you need to replace the unit but it's only two bolts and a few wires and looks like an easy job, you need jackstands or ramps or someone tha'll let you use their garage lift. I have to do this so I've been going through the same thing. Hope this helps and good luck. Steve H.

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โˆ™ 2006-07-02 16:06:20
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Q: Where is the starter located on a 1994 Geo Tracker?
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Is the fuel pump for a 1994 Geo Tracker in the gas tank

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Where is the transmission fluid fill plug located on a 1994 geo tracker?

Near the back of the Engine in the middle.

Where is the transmission drain plug located on a 94 Geo Tracker?

where is the trany drain plug on a 1994 ttracker

How do you trip the starter solenoid on a 1994 Geo Tracker Once the car has been driven for a while then turned off the starter will not do anything Turn the key and nothing?

If the starter will not engage on a 1994 Geo Tracker, it is possible that the solenoid needs to be replaced. There could also be a loose wire on the starter solenoid. Also check that the battery is fully charged. The battery could have gone dead while it was being driven.

Where is the starter located 1995 Geo Tracker?

on the passenger side of the engine. you can see it from the top and it has a rubber boot on the forward end.

Where is the starter on a 93 Geo Tracker?

Standing in front of the vehicle the starter is located on the left side mid way down under the fuel injection system.

Will a 1994 Geo tracker hard top fit on a 1993 tracker?

If it fit on a 1994, then it will fit on your 1993 with no problem.....

Will parts from 1987-1994 Geo Trackers work on a 1991 Geo Tracker?

yes,all tracker use the same parts

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the starter is located on top of the transimission. the top bolt is extremely hard to get to and the bottom bolt can be reached from the underside of the vehicle

Where is the lever and how do you tilt the steering wheel on a 1994 Geo Tracker?

a lever is located on the left side of the column close to the dash

How do you take out bushings of a 1994 Geo Tracker that are stuck?

bigger hammer

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