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If it's anything like my 98, you have to get to it from the drivers side top and underneith the car. 2 people make it very easy. there are 2 bolts near the firewall side of the bell housing that hold the alternator in. From the bottom you will see the starter on the back side of the motor, near the shifter linkage ( manual trans ) look straight up and slightly to the drivers side. As you parter un bolts it ( 12mm or 10 mm can't remember, also some U-joints and extentions help when using a ratchet ) you hold on to up from underneight, as not to stress the bolts. After that it just drops down. Unsure if the 96's have this "A" looking brace that supports the intake manifold, mine did and it makes it very hard. I took mine out as I saw no EXTREME use for this thing. There are to more smaller braces that hold the intake manifold on from the front so I saw no use for it. BTW it's very hard to manuver out. Becides that alternator shouldn't be too hard. :)

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2007-01-30 20:57:13
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Q: Where is the starter located on a 1996 Nissan 200SX SER?
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