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I just had a problem with the starter for my '97 Voyager as well and through a little bit of detective work (and a lot of crawling around on my back) I found the starter. If you go under the vehicle from the driver's side (right behind the front left wheel) you'll see a little mechanism hanging under the engine. It has quite a few wires running in and out of it, and a metal skid plate for protection underneath it, and a round black plastic piece on the top.

If you're having the same problem as I was (all of your electrical equipment worked - power windows, doors locks, lights - but the car just wouldn't start), you can take a hammer and bang lightly on the plastic portion while someone else turns the key, and the car should start up so you can move it around. You can continue starting it in this manner for a short while, but you should replace the starter as soon as possible.

I have a 1997 Plymouth voyager that was manufactured in Canada. The starter on it was located behind the radiator mid way of the engine. Bolts were tight, took one hour for removal and is helpful if you have some one from the top hold the starter as you loosen the bolts. There are two bolts, one on the bottom and one on the top. The bolt on the top is in a hard place and will take plenty of patience to remove.

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Q: Where is the starter located on a 1997 Plymouth voyager van?
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