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Where is the starter located on an Oldsmobile Intrigue?


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2007-08-27 22:39:27
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THE STARTER FOR THE 2000 INTRIGUE IS LOCATED ON THE FRONT BANK OF THE MOTOR. LAY DOWN IN FRONT OF THE CAR AND LOOK TOWARDS THE FRONT BANK AND YOU'LL SEE IT. The starter on 3.5L engines is on the backside of the engine block slightly towards the drivers side. I just changed the starter on my 2000, 3.5L, V6, Oldsmobile Intrigue. I think both answers 1 & 2 are trying to say the same thing. I was confused by their use of "Front Bank" and "Backside" of the engine. Follow Answer 1: lay down (on your back) in front of the car, start wiggling under the car, go under the radiator, a few inches later you should go under the starter (slightly on the drivers side as stated in Answer 2), if you kept going you would go under the engine. Bottom line, it is on the side of the engine that is closest to the radiator, not the side closest to the interior of the car. The starter is held on with 2 bolts. I needed a 12 inch socket extender to get to them (actually two 6 extenders together). All in all not a bad job.


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It is located under the motor, front and center. To access it, you must get under the vehicle.

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looks like a normal sensor, I have a 2002 intrigue, it is located just above the starter, you have to take out the starter in order to take it out.

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