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Where is the starter motor located on an 89 Galant and can you maintain it if it doesnt work?

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When should you change a timing belt on a 2003 Mitsubishi galant?

when it doesnt work

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How do you know the starter is bad in a Honda civic?

usually you can tell when your car doesnt turn or or doesnt turn over its because of your starter sometimes its not the starter it could be a low battery or corroded wires leading to the starter check that first;

Where is the starter located in a 99 camaro and how do you tell if the starter is the reason it won't start?

well i dont know exactly where the starter is but you should be able to see it under the car around where the tranny bellhousing meets the engine at the fly wheel(auto) or flex plate(manual) either on the left or right side. if the car is not turning over at all then you can put a jumper from the battery to the starter solenoid and that should kick the starter on if it doesnt then you starter/solenoid is bad. but if you car turns over but doesnt start then your starter is fine.

What is wrong when your speedometer doesn't work in a 1996 Chevy tracker How do you fix it?

Why doesnt your speedometer work on a 02 Mits Galant

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Where is the starter on a 1999 Ford Probe?

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1992 Honda accord that wont turn over you think it might be the timing belt where is that located?

if it doesnt turn over at all the starter is bad if it turns over but doesnt fire it could be ignition or belt related check wit a qualified mechanic shop

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How do you trouble shoot a starter problem?

When you try to start engine is there any noise,such as clicking from area of starter?If you can hear a clicking , this usually indicates poor connections.To trouble shoot starter problem, the first thing i would do is determine if it is starter or solenoid.To do this ,you need a remote starter switch,connected to starter solenoid.Solenoid is located either on the starter,or on firewall in engine bay,depending on what vehicle you have. if you dont have a remote switch, you can short the solenoid terminals with a screw driver.When shorting, if the solenoid is good you will hear clicking.If you dont hear anything , replace the solenoid.If you hear clicking and starter doesnt work, pull the starter out and replace .

Where is the flasher relay located on a 1998 Mitsubishi Galant?

the flasher unit is up behind the driver side .Its up and behind the fuse box . you will need to laying on you side to see it. just pull it out and replace it. If that doesnt fix it it could be the plastic on the switch . i just replaced it.

1991 gmc van that will not start the battery is fine and the fuel pump turns on with the key and the battery but it just doesnt even engage the starter could the starter or ignition be out?

Most often it is the starter and not the ignition.

Can you change an infinity radio to an aftermarket radio in a 2004 mitsibushi galant?

Yes you can, you have to splice into the correct wires since a normal wiring harness doesnt work.

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Where is the starter relay on a 1994 Corsica?

my car 6 cylinde corsica 90 doesnt start what i do?

Why doesnt my car start it has been sitting for 5 years and we changed the battery and still nothing but lights come on so whats wrong with the car if it doesnt make the click sound?

most likely tha starter is bad or the power to the starter is bad

Where the starter can be found so that you can hit it with a hammer to see if it will start or should you just buy a new starter?

find the starter and try hiting it if that doesnt work by one at a local junk yard much jeaper then autozone

Why doesnt starter engage on 1996 Saturn?

What do you mean when you say it doesn't engage? Is the starter spinning but just doesn't catch to spin the engine? IF that's the case it could be as simple as a loose starter or as bad as a damaged flex plate/flywheel. But it would most likely be the starter.

My 2000 Ford Focus Wagon doesnt start but lights radio ac all work?

Loose battery cable? Bad starter? ( checkwires on starter) Bad starter solenoid? Bad Neutral or clutch safety switch?

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When you go to crank your 97 Nissan Sentra and it doesnt turn over and the starter is not clicking and you charged the battery and still no change What could it be?


Why doesnt starter engage always with new starter and flywheel?

Some vehicles require "shims" to be installed when a starter is replaced so the Bendix drive will engage the pressure plate teeth. If the starter is too far away from the teeth on the pressure plate, the vehicle will fail to turn over.

Does a 03 Mitsubishi galant have rca hook ups on the stock head unit?

no it doesnt have the RCA plugins in the stock unit and its almost impossible to workout with a wiring harness hookup to an aftermarket stereo.. ive been trying to work things out for about 5 months now and ive figured out the harness for 1994-now galant doesnt match with the stock harness so im just going to let best buy do it all

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