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first take off the negitve battery. then pull the hood cable in support the hood the starter is located on the back right top of the tranmission it should be two 17 mm bolts one short and one long bolt. follow the positive cable wire it go straight to the starter.

one of the 2 bolts are a 14 MM , it is best to remove the center of the intake air the one with the 2 large clamps which you need a screwdriver to got off and the 3 hoses connected to it which are clamped with spring type clamps and also the air intake held on by 2 Phillips screws connected to the rad support this just pops out , this makes this job alot easier to get to those 2 starter bolts and the 13 MM hot wire bolt on the starter itself and the ground plug wire which just unplugs , and just reinstall in the reverse , God bless

Basically in "laymen's" terms ,get under the car and look on passenger side beside tranny in rear of motor.He is right but I am just making it more simple.

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Q: Where is the starter on 1996 Nissan Maxima?
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