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Where is the starter relay on a 1992 Honda Prelude?


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Hi, I just saw this and thought I could offer some help as I had removed my starter relay and made some repairs to it. It is fairly difficult to find: Push your driver side seat back and position yourself so your head is looking up underneath the stearing column (the top of your head should be pointing at the brake pedal). Look just to your right of the stearing column, its up a far way. For me it was a small grey box. If you've found it, now you need to remove it, which is just as difficult as finding it. I believe there is some sort of clip mechanism that holds it there, you need something to push that clip in and the cartridge should slide off (mine was stuck on there pretty good). Now that you have it off you probably want to fix it, I just cleaned it up and scratched off some of the corrosion on it and it worked fine from then on. Note: these directions took place on a 92 Honda Prelude SR so no guarantee they are the same for all models. Good luck. ~Morgan


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