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You can find the starter relay switch in your 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse in the fuse box. The starter relay switch will be in the third column, at the top.


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For 1998 GST Spyder M/T is behind-underneath the radio (left one is the starter relay)

Follow the + battery cable it should connect to relay

Left End of Dash with fuses, there is two of them.

At the passenger side, underneath the car, before the back tire.

It is located behind the center console near the ECM. It is large and gold in color

Where is the starter relay located on the 1996 Oldsmobile 88?

Relay on a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse RSThere seems to be 2 starter relays for the 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS(420A engine). It's located right above the brake cylinder on the firewall (drivers side). It looks like 2 little black towers on a bracket but the relays are inside. Now most autoparts stores have it and looks like a gray (almost white) 1 inch cube when its not in the black factory bracket assembly which is odd. (They should sell the relay together). I had trouble looking for the relay too but don't most starter/selenoid units have a direct connection to the relay? Not this car since I followed a small wire on the selenoid and could not find that it led to the relays. It seems to disappear behind the engine so its hard to see where it leads too but im positive there might be a main starter relay. As for the two small relays, that's all I could find. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

The 1995 Nissan truck starter relay switch is located in the fuse box. The starter relay switch will be in the third column.

There's no starter relay on the 1992 nisssan sentra, but there is a ignition relay which controls the starter and this should be located somewhere in the engine compartment where the relay box is

Where is the starter relay located on a jetta 1997 truck 2.0?

On a 1996 Subaru Legacy, the starter relay is located under the head in the relay box. The relay box is located on the driver side at the rear of the engine.

The starter relay aka the starter solenoid is located under the hood by the starter.... the Ignition relay is located under the driverside dash behind the fuse panel.

Where is starter relay on a 1986 volvo 240gl

where is starter relay located on 03 crown victoria ======================================================== On a ( 2003 ) Ford Crown Victoria : The starter relay is located in the Power Distribution Box ( which is " live " ) located in the engine compartment . It is the ( # 302 relay , one of the four large relays )

It does not have a starter relay. It has a starter solenoid mouted on the starter which serves a similar purpose.

The relay is on the starter and the starter is on the engine front right under the exhaust pipe.

where is the starter relay switch located

the starter relay is located in the fuse box under the hood behind the battery. i believe its the biggest relay from the rest of them.

The fuel pump relay on the 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse is in the fuse box on the driver's side of the car. The fuse box can be accessed by opening the driver's door and removing the panel on the side of the dash.

the starter relay is located on the rad support near the battery

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