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Where is the starter solenoid located on a 94 grand marquis?


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2009-10-26 23:48:45
2009-10-26 23:48:45

Probably on the inner fender - follow the + battery cable

im pretty sure the 94 grand marquis has the same engine as a 94 crown vic so it should be mounted on the starter, which is hell to take off by the way


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The starter solenoid is located (in a 1989 mercury grand marquis), as you raise the hood, on the left hand side of the engine compartment. Just behind the battery. (you should be standing right in front of the passenger side headlight.)

where the starter located on a 1997 grand marquis

The Starter solenoid is located on the starter itself.

where is the starter located on a 1996 mrecury grand marquis this site SUCKS and is very user UNFRIENDLY!!!!!!!!

There is no relay starter,only a solenoid attach to a right fender where all wires from a positive attach to. The solenoid of 95 is attached to the starter,not on the fender.

its on the passenger side front near the front tire

where is the starter located for 1993 grand marquis It is on the passenger side of the car and it is a pain in the butt to get the top 2 bolts off so good luck

how to replace starter on 2000 mercury grand marquis

No...It will be a little difficult but you don't need to take the solenoid off.

Follow the + battery cable - should either be in the inner fender or on top of the starter

Starter solenoid is on the starter, trans solenoid is on the trans.

Depending on engine the solenoid is located on the either the firewall or the starter. You can usually follow the neg. battery cable (black) to it. Be sure to disconnect battery when changing this part. It is in the starter.

Should be located at the top of the starter Remove starter Remove 2 screws at side of solenoid Twist (spring loaded) to remove

The solenoid on this model is part of the starter motor, mounted directly on top of it.

Try lower rear of engine on passenger side

where is the starter located on a 1998 dodge grand caravan *Added* All starters will be located on the flywheel, transmission housing, Usually on the bottom side of the engine. Its a large cylinder with a smaller cylinder on it, akathe Starter and starter solenoid.

Passenger side of the engine attached to the bell housing. the starter is on the underside of the vehicle close to the wheel it is on the passenger side.

Where is the shift solenoid located on a 2004 pontiac grand prix

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