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Q: Where is the starting area of judaism?
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What was the influences of judaism?

The main influences of Judaism were the semetic religions of the surrounding area which Judaism evolved from.

What is the area of origin of judaism?


In what area did Judaism start?

It started in Mesopotamia.

In what area in the worl is the religion JUDAISM practiced?

Judaism is practiced all over the world. But the largest concentrations of Jews are in Israel and the United States (mostly in the New York metropolitan area).

Where did Judaism and Christianity begin?

In the area now known as Israel/Palestine.

The common starting point among Judaism Islam and Christianity is?

The belief in one God

Did Judaism develop in Persia?

No. Judaism developed primarily in what is today Israel/Palestine, Iraq, and the general Mediterranean area. While there are certainly Persian ideas in Judaism and the Second Great Temple was built when the Jews were under the Persian Empire, Judaism did not develop in Persia.

Who is responsible for starting judaism?

Abraham was the leader of these people called "Jews" but the judaism - laws, most beliving, bible, and holidays created in moses time and after him . itzhak, moses, Abraham, Jacob and more the most important leaders of judaism.

Where was Judaism established?

By God; God created it in the same area that is now Israel.

Where was judaism originally from?

The place now known as Israel, and some of the area around it.

What is the area of origin for the religion judaism?

Palestine which is known today as the State of Israel.

Which specific area does a rabbi look after?

Some area of Judaism. The rabbi could be the head of a synagogue, or a kosher-supervisor, or the dean of a Rabbinical college, or the person responsible for one or more of the many (other) facets of Judaism. Some rabbis are simply members of a synagogue and are otherwise "private citizens" within Judaism.

Where is the birthplace of Judaism Christianity and Islam?

Judaism began in the area now known as the State of Israel. The first Christians were Jews, and their ideology evolved in the same place. Islam began in the area now known as Saudi Arabia.

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What region of Asia was judaism first founded in?

Judaism began in southwest Asia, in the 'Fertile Crescent' of the Middle East, specifically in the area now part of Israel.

What area of the world did Judaism religion start?

Prophet Abraham (pbuh) is the founder of Judaism Religion. Its started from Babylon south from Bagdad in Iraq then Kurdistan to accross World. Kurd Muslim is known as Judaism. (Firoz Sayyed) India

Where did judaism and christianity start?

Judaism started in Egypt. Christianity started in what is called currently Palestine territories.Another viewIn the area now known as Israel/Palestine

Where were Judaism Christianity and Islam founded?

See these particular questions:Where was Judaism founded?Where was Christianity founded?Where was Islam founded?

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Which three major religions were born in the area of Ancient Egypt and Mesopatamia?

Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

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