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It looks like the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit System) in San Francisco, with the type of seats and seating configuration. However, it could be any system that uses that type of car (LA possibly, but definitely not New York, Chicago or Boston).

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Q: Where is the subway in which the Daniel Powter video 'Bad Day' was filmed?
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Who is the guy in the Daniel Powter video for 'Bad Day'?

Its Daniel PowterDaniel Powter is the guy who's playing the piano. The boy who is in the video with the girl is Jason Adelman

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Who is boy in Daniel Powters bad day video?

Daniel Powter is a Canadian singer and songwriter, known for his 2005 single "Bad Day". The man in the music video was Jason Adelman.

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It was filmed in Pershing Square in Los Angeles CA (which is right next to the Jewelry District). You can even make out the words "ALIF JEWELRY MART" on the California Jewelry Mart Building in the upper left background of the "Wide Shots" of Daniel playing the piano.

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