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It's in the trunk on the left hand side or the right hand side. It will prbably be a black rocker switch. Ive made that mistake b4.

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When was Hi-jacked created?

Hi-jacked was created on 1968-10-20.

You know which power steering hose is leaking in your 1994 Buick lesabre and it's NOT the pressure hose can I easily fix on my own?

the power steerin hose on the buick lesabre 1994 3.8 are VERY difficult to get to and change. they lay behind the enine and the car must be put up on a rack or jacked way up. if on a rack they are not too haqrd. but on the floor forget it, have it done

What are the ratings and certificates for Jacked - 2001?

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What is you are jacked?

It's a slang term that means you are "screwed" or out of luck. If someone says he jacked that from you, it means he took that from you.

What actors and actresses appeared in Jacked - 2012?

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Is jacked masculine or feminine in french?

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Where is the air suspension module located for 1998 Lincoln navigator?

The air suspension switch is on the passenger side of the vehicle under the glove box. It is far in the right hand corner so dont get discouraged if you don't feel it the first time you reach under there. You should also turn it off whenever your truck is getting service that requires your truck to be lifted off the ground or jacked up so you won't damage your suspension.

When did J.K. Rowling finish school?

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Why wont your ford tauras start unless jacked up?

reset fuel cut off safety switch after being jacked.

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What are the release dates for Pie Jacked - 2013?

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When was All Jacked Up - song - created?

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Can damage occur to the air suspension of a car if it is jacked up while the trunk switch is still on?

depending on were you put the the tool and were it should go i would go here to learn more about cars http://www.smartworx.com/TurboTekToys/_TipsDisc/0000000a.htm

How do you say All jacked up in Chinese?

All jacked up = messed up 搞砸了 [Gǎo zá le]

What are the release dates for Jacked - 2010 III?

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Whilst trying to drive sraight the steering seems to pull to the left and right and it is difficult to keep the car going straight.?

Have the wheel alignment checked. If you've jacked up the suspension for better ground clearance you might have upset the steering geometry.

What would cause your navigator air suspension to only raise on the right side of the car and not the left side?

does both sides raise tho? if so and one side is higher than the other its because someone jacked your car up without turning off the air suspension switch, if this is so your going to have to take it to the dealer to get it calibrated from them. its pretty expensive from what i have herd.

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