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first of all what kind of motor do you have? Either way your going to need a tack driver to boost the ground signal off of your electronic ingnition box to the remote starter. I've done this myself and it took a long time to figure it out but that's the only way I know 1998 Chevy Cavalier- Your tach wire is WHITE, at your PCM (Powertrain Control Module). 2.4L is white at PCM, and also the 2.2L is white at the PCM.

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Q: Where is the tach wire for a 98 Cavalier used for installing a remote car starter?
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How can you locate the tach wire on a 2001 F-150 for a remote starter?

You should be able to use the power side of Injector #1 for the tach signal

What would cause remote starter not to work under twenty degrees?

Check for a loose "Tach" wire

Where do you put the green wire to the coil when installing a tach in your 1997 Chevy Cavalier?

i like to know what wire it is if any one knows email it to me thanks

Where is the tach wire for a 2001 F-150 to hook up a remote starter?

In the wiring harness behind the parking brake. You will have to remove the plastic shield and dig around in the wires for it. Pink with White or white with pink. Can't remember. Consult your remote starter manual.

Can not locate the tach sending wire in my 2000 Cherokee Sport. INeed to find this in order to add a remote starter - at least the starter directions call for a connection to that wire?

Your tach wire color is Gray. And it's located at Coil on passenger side of the engine. This goes for 1997 through 2001.

How do you install a tach on a 95 Grand Am 2.3 5-speed?

There should be installing instructions with the tach. If not contact the manufacturer.

Where to connect a aftermarket tachometer on a 96 cavalier Z22 don't know where to connect the tach signal lead?

The instructions will come with the new tach.

How do you install an aftermarket tach in a 1997 Chevy Cavalier?

The instructions should come with the tach. If there are none, get in touch with the manufacturer. no tachometer will work straight out of the box with a cavalier of that year, you must buy an adapter. it will only show half RPM

How do you get at the tach sense wire in a 1999 caravan so you can finish installing a remote starter?

Your Tach Signal wire is Gray and Dark Blue (Gray/Dark Blue). Same wire, marked with both colors. This means the wire is GRAY with a dark blue line through it. It is located at the Coil pack on top of valve cover. --- This wire above is a 2 Cylinder Signal. 3.0L Tach Wire is GRAY/RED at Powertrain Control Module (PCM). 3.3L & 3.8L Tach Wire is GRAY/RED, DARK BLUE/TAN And RED/YELLOW at PCM. (Each wire is a 2 cylinder signal.)

What do you do when the tach signal is not strong enough to signal your remote starter?

Remote starters can use the AC signal from the alternator as an alternate signal which is not produced until the engine is running. On most cars if you access the PROPER wire for the tach it almost always is strong enough. Double check your wiring diagrams and make sure you are accessing the correct wire from the coil pak or ignition coils.

How do you connect a tach on a 1998 Chevy Cavalier?

Connect the green wire to the brown striped black wire.

Installing after market tach on a 97 2.2L subaru legacy which wire on the coil pack?

the red one

Installing a tach on a 1970 Chevy 400cc engine?

I wasnt aware Chevy used a 400cc engine

Will the instrument cluster from a Prizm with a tach work in one that doesn't have a tach My speedometer quit working and I found a salvage one that has a tach Plug ins look identical?

For any of you who may have been watching this question, I'll give you the answer myself. The answer is YES. After purchasing the one with the factory tach and installing it, everything works like it should.

How do you install a remote starter on a 1999 Chevy Suburban?

You can use any brand of remote start, but the key is that you will need a bypass module since this particular model has Passlock II (which is GM's anti-theft solution). Most all the wires you need to get to are located in the ignition harness (with the possible exception of the tach wire).

How do you wire an external tach on a 1999 Chevy Cavalier 2.2L?

you have to tap into the coil wires the negative wire on the coil plug.

Does the live wire from the ignition key go to the bat terminal and a live wire from the starter go to the tach terminal on a hei distributor for 350 Chevy in a boat with non standard wiring?

You do need a switched live to the bat terminal, but not to the tach terminal. The tach terminal is the negative side of the coil, the bat terminal is the positive side of the coil. Normally the tach terminal is for the green wire from the tach.

Is there a tach cable or electrical sensor for 1989 V6 5-speed Cavalier Z24?

its electronic cause of the distributorless ignition.

How do you install a tachometer on a 1991 Cavalier Z24 multiport with electronic injection?

As far as what tachs will work: buy a tach that has what is called an "inductive" pickup. this is a clip that you put around a spark plug wire, it will give your tach the signal it needs from the engine. the rest of the basic instructions, even though they wont be for your exact car, will be in the package with the tach.

Why doesnt the rpm go above 4000 rpm in a 2002 Z24 cavalier?

that car has a rev limiter to make ur tach go higher find and eliminate it

Does anybody know with a 96 s10 pickup that has no tach from the factory can you install a cluster that has a tach Will the connection be there for a tach if originally it did not have one?

theirs a green wire by distributer that is for the tach

How do you install the tach wire for a tachometer for a '99 Elantra?

IF you have the installation instructions for the tach, it prolly tells you where to attach the tach wire. If not, call the manu. of the tach or search for their website online.

Will replacing the Tach filter on a 1986 corvette fix a non-working tach everything in the cluster works but the tach?


Can you swap out an instrument cluster without a tach for one with a tach?

Yes you can

How do you install a tach?

This entirely depends on the vehicle and the type of tach your referring to such as a add on tach or an OEM in dash tach. To explain how to install and OEM tach would take far to long. I would suggest a add on tach that mounts basically where ever you want to mount it. Most of these tachs explain the installation instructions. I personally recommend a tach by Autometer you can view their products on the web at the link below. , EzForJesus