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Where is the task bar?

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At the very bottom of your screen.

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What is a task bar in windows?

In windows the task bar is the bar on the bottom of your computer with the start menu on it

What is the difference between task bar and status bar?

the task bar is said to be status bar if we are browsing something on the internet.

Can you pin outlook to the task bar?

drag the outlook icon to the task bar

How can you get a Gmail icon on the task bar?

Gmail icon on the task bar can be there by bookmark. You have to click star icon at the end of the URL. This makes the icon in the task bar.

How do you fix the vanishing task bar on windows 7?

right click on the task bar and make sure on the list the 'lock task bar' option is checked

What is the definition of a task bar?

basically a bar with task its like having a phone and putting apps on it

What is the relationship between an active application and the task bar?

An active application is shown in the task bar.

How do you unlock the task bar?

You can click-and-drag the Windows task bar to any side of the screen.

How do you get the task bar back?

To get the task bar back simply press 'CTRL + ESC'. If this does not work open the task manager select 'new task', and press 'ok'.

What is the bar at the bottom of the computer called?

task bar

Difference between task bar and status bar?

task bar provides shortcuts to the tasks statusbar shows the current status of the program

How do i remove a task bar in runescape?

By completing the task or logging out.

How do you move the task bar to side of the computer screen?

To move the task bar to the right hand side of the screen, simply take your mouse cursor, left click on the mouse button and hold, and drag the task bar to the right hand side: it will adjust accordingly. Now the task bar is on the right hand side of the screen, and it can also still be minimized using the above steps.Right. You can drag the task bar to the top, bottom, left, or right side of the screen. Make sure that you click the mouse starting on an empty space in the task bar. {Clicking on an icon inside the task bar will cause you all sorts of problems, and you won't be able to move the task bar.}If the task bar still won't move, right-click on the empty space in your task bar. Then make sure that Lock the Taskbar is not checked; if Lock the Taskbar is checked, click the mouse to get rid of the check and unlock the task bar. Then you can use the steps above to move the task bar from one side to another.

How do you add icons to the task bar in Windows 7?

just right click and press add to task-bar

What is it called to send temporarily close a window and send it to the task bar?

Minimise a window is to send it to the task bar.

What is the difference between task bar and menu bar?


Where is the title bar located in windows?

it is called a task bar

What is the bar that contains a list of menu names?

task bar

Where is the status bar located?

it located above our task bar

Difference between status bar and task bar?

A status bar is at the bottom of the programs and displays your programs status. The task bar is where your start button and time plus running programs are.

What are the definition of task bar?

Most of the task bar, however, contains shortcuts to open windows. Whenever you open a program or window, it shows up in the task bar. So if you have Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word open, there will be at least two items in the middle area of the task bar. Since each window gets its own location in the task bar, if there are two Microsoft Word documents open and three Internet Explorer windows open, there will be a total of five items in the task bar. When you click on a window title in the task bar, that window will become active and show up in front of other open windows. You can also cycle through the task bar items by holding the Alt key and pressing Tab a few times.

What is the difference between a task bar and status bar?

A task bare is a place from which various application may be initiated. A status bar show you progress for a particular application.

Where is notification area?

is this the task bar

How do you retrieve the task bar?

right click over the taskbar, click on properties and then in the option that say auto hide task bar

How do you reinstate your task bar and icons please they have vanished?

You can recover your task bar and icons by by restoring a Windows' System Restore Point