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Next to the thermostat housing.

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Try replacing the engine coolant temp sensor.

Replace the coolant temp sensor next to the thermostat housing.

On the 4.3L it is located next to the thermostat housing. The electrical plug to it has two wires.

A faulty engine temp sensor can do that.

The engine coolant temp (ECT) sensor on that 97 S10 2.2L would be found close to the thermostat.

Drivers side of engine, between the #3 and #5 spark plug.

The coolant temp sensor on a 2003 Chevy S10 V6 is located on the front of the intake manifold. To replace simply unscrew the old sensor and screw on the new one.

where is the coolant sensor on a 1984 s10 blazer 2.8 6 cylender

It has 1 coolant sensor, 1 temperature sensor

The temp sensor for the ECM (engine control module) is next to the thermostat housing.

Try replacing the engine coolant sensor.

In the driver side head between the first 2 spark plugs.

That would be the engine coolant temp sensor for the dash gauge only. The sensor near the thermostat housing is the engine temp sensor for the ECM.

what is the wiring diagram for the o2 sensor on 2000 s10 blazer. it has 4 wires. what what do they all do /

On the 4.3L it is located between #3 & #5 spark plugs on the drivers side of engine. my 1992 4.3 is on the passengers side of engine can , my 1997 4.3 is on drivers side this is the location of the one that goes to the Temp.gauge.

It does not have one. It has a Distributor that controlls that.

Didn't have an air temp sensor in 92. Came out in 93.

Originally it would have had DexCool.

Haynes makes a manual with the wiring schematic for the O2 sensor on a 1991 Chevy Blazer S10. The manual can be found at most book stores.

It should have a 195 degree thermostat.

The 95 S10 4.3L still uses the distributor.