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Where is the tensioner located on a 1999 Ford Escort ZX2?


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2005-01-01 21:54:02
2005-01-01 21:54:02

Just above the A/C pulley. The a/c pulley is a large ribbed pulley that has 3 bolts and a triangular plate on it. The tensioner is small and smooth and is just above the a/c pulley. more info and a pic here.


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How do you replace a 1999 Ford Escort headlight - could use a picture.

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The speed sensor on the 1999 Ford Escort is located on the transmission. It is on the top on the drivers side.

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where is th flasher relay on a 1999 ford escort zx2

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On my '93 ford escort 1.9L, it is located under the dash, behind the heater control assembly.

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The solenoid, on your 1999 Ford escort, is located on the top of the starter. The solenoid has for retaining screws, to hold it in place.

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