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Where is the thermostat located on a 1991 Pontiac Le Mans LE?


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I have found that a Chilton or Haynes Auto repair manual for the year and make of the vehicle (available at your local library)are an excellent source of information. They are quite informative on most parts replacement and how to troubleshoot.

AnswerI have found that manuals for this model are as hard to come by as the parts are (Haynes doesn't even have one in print). As such, the thermostat is located behind the rear upper timing belt cover. You will need to remove the front timing belt cover, the cam shaft gear and the rear timing belt cover (in that order) to access the thermostat housing. The thermostat housing is held to the block with 2 bolts. Remove the housing and the thermostat is underneath. Remember do not turn the cam/cam shaft gear once the timing belt is off otherwise you will screw up the engine timing!

NOTE: Make sure you replace the thermostat gasket when you replace the thermostat. The gasket is usually sold seperately from the thermostat. It is a rubber gasket that fits around the thermostat itself, NOT between the housing and the block. In other words, the housing can not simply be sealed with silicone/form-a-gasket the way most housings can, you MUST use a new gasket. has the manuals available online for a modest yearly fee.

AnswerIf you're looking for the coolant temperature sensor on the 1990's Pontiac Lemans, it's on top of the intake manifold near the timing belt end of the engine. Search for C6020-175719 and you'll find the aftermarket part for less (usually specified for the Cadillac Catera) than the genuine GM part number 3439088. I posted this answer here because routed my search for this sensor's location to this question.

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Behind the timing belt cover just below the cam

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You have to remove the timing belt cover,camshaft pulley and timing belt.Itis near the top behind the belt.

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It is called a thermostat and it is near the top behind the timing belt

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It'sd in the front. Activate it and listen for where the noise comes from. Also, consider asking this question again, but use Toyota Corolla instead of Pontiac Lemans.

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