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Follow the upper radiator and where it meets the engine there is a housing where the thermostat is. Just remember when replacing iit to install it with the spring toward the engine. GoodluckJoe

AnswerThe answer given is wrong! It is at the water pump, on the bottom hose. AnswerON A 1994 Lexus ES300 IT IS ON THE BOTTOM HOSE BY THE WATERPUMP. ON THE 1992 IT IS ON THE TOP HOSE REMEMBER YOUR SPRING PLACEMENT. AnswerThe second answer is correct. The thermostat on a 1993 Lexus ES300 is on the water pump. Which can be found by following the bottom hose up to it.


there are TWO different locations depending on the motor There are Two different radiators, the radiator with no filler cap has the thermostat on the drivers side @ the end of the motor and the radiator with the filler cap has it by the water pump

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Q: Where is the thermostat located on a 1993 Lexus ES300?
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