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The thermostat is located in the lower radiator hose. Unhook the hose from the engine and it is right inside the hose. Be careful to line it up right when you put new one back in. Also the thermostat is one of the more expensive ones out there I paid 25$ for mine at V I P.


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behind the alternator at the end of the top radiator hose (motor side) underneath the Thermostat Housing.

how do replace the thermostat on a 1999 mazda b2500 truck?

Contrary to every other car and truck that I have worked on, the 2004 Dodge Durango has its thermostat located on the bottom radiator hose. A close inspection of the bottom hose where it connects to the engine will show you the thermostat housing.

Follw the upper radiator hose to the engine, it is under the housing the hose hooks to.

It is under the housing where the lower radiator hose hooks to the engine.

the cam sensor on the 4.7 liter engine is under the front of the passenger side head

The choke thermostat is part of carbureted fuel system. Since 1987, all Dodge trucks have been fuel injected. Therefore, a 1999 model would not have a choke thermostat

It's on top the gas tank attached to the fuel pump. Tank must be removed to replace.

On a Dodge truck, the vacuum switch is on the transfer case.On a Dodge truck, the vacuum switch is on the transfer case.

Were is the ecm located on a 2001 dakota

The thermostat is located in the water pump behind the timing belt plate cover. the thermostat is in the bottom rad hoase where it conects to the motor.

Fuel filter is in the gas tank along with the fuel pump, I have to change mine out, making the truck run poorly. Waiting for a warmer day.

My son says his is under the bed of the truck.

The spare tire is under the rear of the truck.

yes but you will need to also have the wire harness and ecm from the 2006

The radiator drain plug on a 2001 Dodge Ram 3500 pickup truck with a 5.9 liter diesel engine is on the bottom inside corner of the radiator. It is on the driver's side.

follow the radiator top hose back to engine the thermostat is there under that domed connection

On my 92 Toyota Pickup V6 4X4, it is located in a different section than on the 4cyl. If you are looking straight at the engine, look to your right and down into the engine. Look for the LOWER radiator hose and follow it into the engine block. Romove the housing and this is where the thermostat on my truck was located

Its your Heater core if it smells like a syrupy sweet smell if not then its your thermostat

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