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Where is the thermostat located on a olds 1989 88?

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Take Off The Top Radiator Hose From The Engine. Remove Thermostat Housing. This Is Where You Removed The Hose From Held On By Two Bolts. Thermostat Is There. Be Sure To Clean Parts And Install New One Correctly.

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Where is the turn signal flasher located on a 1989 olds delta 88?

under the dash on the drivers area.

Where is the fuel cutoff relay located on 1989 olds 88?

GM vehicles do not have an inertia fuel cut off switch.

How do you check ignition module on a olds 88?

Need to know the firing order for a 1989 Olds 88 and the corresponding numbers on the ignition coil pack

Where is the fuel pump on a 1989 Olds Delta 88?

In the fuel tank.

What is fuel capacity for 1989 olds royale 88?

18 Gallons.

Where are the relay switch for a 1989 olds 88?

you gotta take the dash off to get to them :)

Where is the fuel pump located in a 97 olds 88?

In the fuel tank. Electric.

Where is the thermostat in a 88 Corvette?

The thermostat is located inside of the water inlet on top or the engine. Remove the top radiator hose, then the inlet to get to it.

88 22RE coolant temperature sensor where is it?

should be located on the top of the thermostat housing.

How many olds delmont 88 were made in 1968?

How many olds delmont 88 where made in 1968

How many o2 sensors are located on a Olds 88 lss?

Need to know the year and engine info.

Where is the radio antenna located on a 1979 Olds delta 88?

the radio antenna for the 79 delta 88 is behind the stereo there is a blue wire labeled antenna

Location of starter bolts on a 1992 olds 88 royale?

how do i change the starter on a 1997 olds 88 royale?

Where is the thermostat located on a 1987 Toyota Camry?

I did an 88 recently. facing the engine it is on the left. Follow the hose from the radiator.

Where is the ECM located on a 1989 Oldsmobile delta 88 royale?

under the coil packs which are located at the rear of the motor on top

Where is the 4x4 switch on a 1989 Ford Ranger?

on the 88 ranger the switch is above your rearview mirror located on the ceiling on the 88 ranger the switch is above your rearview mirror located on the ceiling

Where is the fuel pump relay switch located in a 1997 Olds 88?

pass. side panel behind the glove box

Where is the blower motor for a 1995 OLDS 88 located?

On a '97 it's accessible under the hood, about top center of the firewall.

Where is the oil dip stick on a 1984 olds delta 88?

The oil dipstick is located on the Left (driver side) of the vehicle

Where is the pcm located on 1988 olds delta 88?

it is on passanger side off inteior firewall behind and below glovebox

I need a Factory radio wiring diagram 1994 olds delta 88 royale?

wiring schematic for a 94 olds 88 royale

Where is the heater motor located in a 1998 Olds 88?

in my 89 Oldsmobile delta 88 , the heater motor was directly under the center of the windshield under the hood. black circular thing.

Are their any scale models of 1954 olds f-88?


Where is the fuel pump shut off switch located in the 1990 olds 88?

GM vehicles do not use inertia/reset switches.


It's in a well underneath the trunk, accessed from inside the trunk. Empty the trunk and pull back the 'carpet,' and you'll find it there.