Where is the thermostat on a 1989 Lincoln Town Car?

Open the hood, and look to the left ride of the radiator and about a foot or so down; there is a wing nut that can be turned counter clockwise until the coolant starts to drain out. Place a pan to catch to old coolant and turn the wing nut to drain. Once the coolant is out, remove the radiator hose that connects to the thermostat housing, as well as the bypass valve hose. Once that is done, there is a black bar to the right of the distributor cap, remove the bolt on the outside of the rail and the smaller one that is across from it. Unscrew the two bolts holding the thermostat housing together and remove the housing to reveal the old thermostat and gasket. Replace thermostat and a new gasket with a coat of Permeate #2 on both sides of the gasket. Reattach housing with thermostat facing proper direction, snugly attach and tighten bolts back onto thermostat housing. Reattach the black bar that is next to the distributor cap. Reattach bypass valve hoses and radiator hose, remember to secure the clamps properly. Tighten the wing nut that allowed you to drain the coolant, and then pour in fresh coolant and water until its to the top of the radiator. Turn the car on and let run for a little while making sure to add the remaining coolant into the flood reservoir that is next to the windshield washer fluid.