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Thermostat should be located in the removable housing at the engine end of the upper radiator hose Radiator may be clogged or flow restricted the defroster kicks on your electric radiator cooling fan--bypassing your fan relay and temp. switch--so its probably one of those

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Hi, This is a guess but at least it'll be a statrt. Could the switch assy be either bad or if the contacts are cleanable can they be cleaned. The switch assy is on the steering colume. You need to remove the plastic covers and take a look at the switch assy. I'm having an interminnent problem that's close to that, and that's where I'm looking. I've seen some switch assys for sale on E-Bay. Just type in Tracker and see what comes up otherwise find a local salvage yard and you'll probably pull the part yourself. Hope this helps. Steve H. The above answer is a possibility but the most logical cause of this is a blown fuse or bad Flasher Relay. Any parts store can tell you the location. I would check the fuse first and then replace the flasher if the fuse is OK, before doing anything else. Very cheap and easy repair.

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