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Where is the thermostat on pug 306 s16?


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The thermostat for the cooling system can be found on the front of the engine. You can follow the bottom radiator hose to the thermostat housing. The thermostat will be within the thermostat housing.

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If by S16 you mean a Phase1 S16, then it is right above the throttle body, but on the other side of the bracket, right next to the cylinder head, with a plug on top of it. You can trace it from the TB as there is a hose running to it from the upper part of the TB housing.

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I am pretty sure the thermostat is on the lefthand front of the engine about half way down the motor. It has 1 wire leading to it and a wire clip over the connector. You need a 22 mm diameter long socket spanner to remove. If this is not the thermostat I'm sure some expert will correct me.

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