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Where do you put the three coins in there slots on Ultimate I Spy?

The coins go into the little wooden sliding contraption.

How do you win ultimate i spy?


Where are the two cats in ultimate you spy?

One of the two cats in the Wii game, Ultimate Spy, is on the card. The other is located near the cone of the backgammon board.

How do you write secret messages with the spy gear ultimate spy watch?

press space bar

Where is the sun on ultimate you spy?

On the milk carton by the box with the 4 on it.

Where is TANK the first level of the fish tank in Ultimate I-Spy?

its the scuba tank on the swimming guys back.

What is the ultimate defense spin track for bey blades?

Spin track 145

Where is the flute in the you spy Ultimate challenger?

on the left of the page, standing upright

Where is the shaken heart in ultimate you spy?

You have to shake the maracas. One of them has a heart on it

Where is the three dogs in spy ultimate challenger?

They are all three on page 23. Two Metal dogs in the top right area ina blue circle and the other is on the russian nesting is painted.

What are the release dates for 007 Stage Dedication - 1977?

007 Stage Dedication - 1977 was released on: USA: 2006 (featured on The Spy Who Loved Me - Ultimate Edition DVD) UK: 17 July 2006 (featured on The Spy Who Loved Me - Ultimate Edition DVD) Australia: 16 August 2006 (featured on The Spy Who Loved Me - Ultimate Edition DVD)

Where is the candle on ultimate you-spy wii game?

On the Red Bucket/cup

Where are the three moons in ultimate you spy?

One is at midnight in the sky, another is at the bottom of the clock, and the last one is very small and is near either the word "tick" or the word "tower"

What is spy software?

Spy software is software that tracks the usage on a computer. Spy programs can track things like web browsing history, keystrokes and e-mails.

How do you rescue the three kidnapped spies on spy island?

You have to rescue the three spies in order, because the first spy gives you the item to rescue the second spy, and the second spy gives you the item to rescue the third spy. (see related questions)

What are the release dates for Ultimate Car Build Off - 2010 Spy Car 1-8?

Ultimate Car Build Off - 2010 Spy Car 1-8 was released on: USA: 9 August 2010

Why do companies have loyalty and membership cards?

So they can spy on you and track your spending habits.

Where is the 4th bird in ultimate you spy in the puzzle room?

It is the duck on the car puzzle. Bottom right.

How do you get sheep in the sky in ultimate I SPY?

First you turn the tower to the afternoon, then look left of the monkey.

Where is the bell ringing six on ultimate you spy wii game?

Get the monkey to hit the bell on top of the tower

Who was the American patriot spy that got hanged and a three letter word for it?

nathan hale he was a spy

What Wii game starts with u?

14 games: Ubongo uDraw Studio UFORIA: THE SAGA (Originally for NES and PlayStation) Ultimate Band Ultimate Board Game Collection Ultimate Duck Hunting Ultimate I SPY Ultimate Party Challenge Ultimate Shooting Collection Uncharted Waters: New Horizons UNO Up Urban Champion Urbanix

Where is SWIM on the first level of the fish tank in Ultimate I-Spy?

It's written on the plants in the back of the tank. It's green, like the plants, and hard to see from most angles.

In Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4 how do you customize ultimate jutsu?

you can't you only get three.

Where is the sailboat hidden in the science fair room on ultimate i-spy wii?

the sailboat on the globe it real small