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Where is the time delay relay for the interior lights on a 1995 Mercury Marquis?


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2004-09-03 11:13:09
2004-09-03 11:13:09

It is a module under the dash.


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In the center of the dash on the left side is a timer relay. it is probably bad, causing the delay part of the lights to not work.

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Interior lights are controlled by the overhead console, Hit "Menu" until you reach the interior light delay, then press "STEP" to change.

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I assume you talking about DRL lighting. No. That year Sable came with an automatic system which turn on all the lights when ambient light dropped and had a delay off timer when the car was switched off.

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It's located behind the glove compartment in the light delay relay panel.

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I've been trying to get a more detailed diagram for this but basically it is the relay that leaves the lights and windows on after you turn off the key but haven't opened the door. .

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