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It is a module under the dash.

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Q: Where is the time delay relay for the interior lights on a 1995 Mercury Marquis?
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Why would the interior lights go out when a 1995 Ford Windstar is shut off?

In the center of the dash on the left side is a timer relay. it is probably bad, causing the delay part of the lights to not work.

How do you stop the interior light staying on for 8 minutes when you set the alarm on the jeep grand Cherokee overland 2002?

Interior lights are controlled by the overhead console, Hit "Menu" until you reach the interior light delay, then press "STEP" to change.

Does a 1995 mercury sable come equipped with automatic running lights?

I assume you talking about DRL lighting. No. That year Sable came with an automatic system which turn on all the lights when ambient light dropped and had a delay off timer when the car was switched off.

Where is the interior light delay relay on a 98 Ford Windstar?

It's located behind the glove compartment in the light delay relay panel.

What does Relay - Accessory Delay do in a 1999 Mercury Sable?

I've been trying to get a more detailed diagram for this but basically it is the relay that leaves the lights and windows on after you turn off the key but haven't opened the door. .

Why do the dash lights on your 2005 Chrysler pacifica stay on with the key off?

Delay if they do not go off after the delay time look for faults in the BCM

Why is your lights staying on when your keys are out?

It could be two things your switch for the lights is still turned on or your lights are on a timer and shut off after a twenty second or so delay.

How do I change the headlight delay on a 03 ford explorer?

my 1999 has a slide control on the bottom of the interior rear view mirror all the way to the left turns the delay off and sliding the control right increases the amount of the delay

Why would the interior lights stay on constantly instead of the usual 30 seconds and therefore draining battery?

start off by checking all door switches. Then check the interior switch on the dashboard. I mean by checking as in bypassing switch or disconntection of the switch. If you have the theater dimmer or the delay dimmers you would check that also.. Thanx Dom

What is the meaning of ESDAC in first generation computers?

Nothing, it is EDSAC not ESDAC. Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator. The delay storage part of the name referred to its use of mercury acoustic wave delay lines for memory store.

Why would the headlight delay power mirrors radio electric trunk lid power door locks and interior lights stop working at the same time on a lhs?

They must share a common thread, maybe a bad circuit breaker or fuseable link.

Why does the parking lights stay on in your subaru legacy after key is turned off?

its on timed delay, lights stay on or come on while exiting vehical to make it easier

Why would the parking and interior lights stay on in a 1984 corvette?

The only thing in common between the parking and interior lights is that the switches for each are located on the Main Light Switch. The parking lights will come on if the switch is pulled out to either the first or second stop. (The second stop also being the headlamps ON position). The interior lamps are turned on when the Main Light Switch is turned fully counter-clockwise. It is possible that the switch is defective but it seems unlikely that a defective switch could cause both of these problems. The interior lights are also controlled by the Interior Lamp Delay Timerwhich is controlled by the Door Jamb Switches. These timer modules are prone to failure and can cause the interior lights to remain on at all times. Un-plugging the module is the best way to find out if it is defective or not. It is located on the Instrument Panel Wiring Harness which is accessable by removing the lower instrument panel just above the passenger's knees (the panel with the light) and reaching up with one hand to find the harness. It is a small black plastic box taped to the harness. Break the tape with your fingers and you can lower the box down just enough to unplug it. It will have a 5-pin connector with (1) black, (3) white, (1) pink/black & (1) pink/white wire. If you find the timer module to be the problem, you can connect all three of the white wires together and you will have working interior lights when you open the doors. However, the lights will shut off immediately when you close the doors but you will have lights and they won't be on at all times.

Where is the courtesy light delay on my 1992 corvette?

The courtesy lightsÊon your 1992 Corvette is on the bottom side of the rear-view mirror. However, there is no light delay switch as the lights can easily be turned on or off.Ê

Where is the interior light timer relay on a 2006 Chevy Express?

My 2004 Chevy Express Cargo Van has all the following controlled by the main head light switch. The dome lights, the delay, dash light brightness. All for only about $170 plus taxes. Know that it is the part you need. I suspected a short and the electrician rewired the dome lights, and back up lights to bypass the harness. All is well now. Good luck,

Why doesn't the interior lights turn on when you open the door on a 1979 corvette?

It is possible that the interior light delay timer has stopped working. It is located in the wiring that runs up the right side of the interior, below the windshield pillar, under the dash. The cost of a new one is probably in the range of $50 - 100. It could also be the switch in the door jam that is not making proper contact when the door is opened. I suggest checking this one first, as it is easier to access and less expensive to replace. Before checking either of the above, make sure the bulb is working by turning on the interior light with the light switch.

2004 Merceds Benz S430 and you need to rest the interior lights to delay when opened and closed They were working fine until you let some guys install tint and the settings were thrown off?

Installation of dead batteries always results to this failure. The only thing you need to do is to connect the batteries back to place.

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On a 2000 Buick LeSabre when you park the car the lights on the front door panels for the windows and door locks stay on why and run the battery down what makes them stay on?

There is a courtesy light time delay control next to the dashlight dimmer switch. Set the delay switch to off or minimum to turn off all lights when you lock the doors. Having the delay switch on will sometimes cause the battery to "dump" the charge leaving you with a dead battery after a short time.

Why do your 1999 mercury villager motor mounts in front keep braking and why does it have a three second delay after putting vehicle in drive?

The motor mounts should not keep breaking if they are installed properly. The delay in the transmission indicates it needs work, probably a rebuild.

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