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My 1997 4runner, in between the seats where the seat belts are...there are 2 cloth tabs, one on either side, pull hard and lift bottom portion of seat upwards and toward the back of the front seats. i couln't figure this out either! I believe it is under the rear passanger seat right behind the front passanger seat. You have to pull the headrest out, pull the hand on the seat and fold it forward, the jack will be right there.

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Q: Where is the tire jack kept in a 1997 4Runner?
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Where is the tire jack located in a 1996 4Runner?

under the back seat

Where are the tools kept for the spare tire on a 1998 4Runner?

Right rear seat (passenger rear)

Where is the jack located in your 1997 sable?

On a 1997 Mercury Sable : The jack is supposed to be with the spare tire in the trunk The spare tire is stored with the tire valve facing down and the jack is stored inside the tire rim

Where is the tire jack and wrench located on a 2001 Toyota 4Runner?

The tire jack is located under the back passenger seat. There should be something to pull the seat up with.

On a Chevrolet express van 3500 where is the tire jack?

on a Chevrolet express van 3500 where is the tire jack kept at?

Why does 1997 Toyota 4Runner skip at 50 MPH?

Because it is happy and gay. Also, get your tire balance checked.

Where is the tire Jack in a 1999 Toyota runner?

Owner's manual. the jacks on all 4runner of this style are under the rear seats. just pull on the lock straps located at the folds of the seat and pull up and out and find the jack for your 4runner.

Where is tire jack for sequoia kept?

Under the passenger side rear seat.

Where is the oil filter located on a 1997 Toyota 4Runner?

The oil filter is found by looking in the behind the dirver's side front tire.

Where is the jack on 1997 town car?

Usually stored in the trunk under the spare tire.

What are optional Tire sizes for 1995 Toyota 4Runner?

anywhere from a 28 inch tire to a 31 inch tire.

Were is the jack kept on your 1987 Corvette?

Believe it or not on top of the spare tire (according to the sticker in the storage compartment)

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