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Where is the transaxle filler tube located on a 1996 Lincoln continental?


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May 27, 2007 7:24PM

Take off any under-covers from beneath the vehicle's engine on driver's side (and passenger if necessary). Transmission is the big case that the driver's side wheel axle comes out of going to the wheel (CV axle = Constant velocity). Front of vehicle look for plug slightly above 1/2 way up the case. The drain plug is located on the side near the axle output area. Be VERY careful with the head on this as they are typically not very "tall" and if you are using a wrench, you can slip off and round off the corners, making removal difficult if not almost impossible. Luckily, I usually just change the axle seals out when I change fluid, so I end up pulling the axles and the fluid drains out into my pan. The fill plug is located where it is to limit the amount of fluid that can be put into the case, leaving airspace. I usually put my fill tube into the hole, then with the cap turned to the "off" position (after bottle is screwed on) I hand it up to myself at the top of the engine bay by lodging the bottle so I can reach down and grab it (I work alone). Then I twist the cap to "open" and let gravity and squeezing fill the case. You will have to change bottles after the first, be sure to put down cardboard or towels to catch the drips that WILL happen. You may find you have to squeeze the 2nd bottle from beneath at the end, you will see the red fluid snaking through the tube. When it seems full, grab the fill plug in one hand (wipe any dirt off) and pull the fill tube, and quickly replace (screw in)plug to stop the leaking back out. At tranny shops they have a pump that they just fill the case, then pull the tube and let the excess run out into an elevated catch pan. -Ahh, to own a lift! That's it! If you elect to pull the axles (with crowbar and elbow grease) ALWAYS change the shaft seals at the same time because they are easy to damage and losing your fluid/tranny on the road sucks! Trust me. Aunt