Where is the transmission dipstick located on a 1986 Honda Accord?

IT DEPENDS ON WETHER THE TRANNY IS AUTO OR MANUAL IF IT IS MANUAL THEN IT DOES NOT HAVE ONE. IF ITS AUTO THEN TRY LOOKING AROUND THE TRANNY == It is right in the front to the right of the battery but down LOW - I can unscrew the cap and check the fluid with my hand but need a long tranny funnel to refill the fluid.

There is NOT a dipstick for the manual transmission. You need to loosen a bolt behind one of the tires, sorry I am not sure which one, and stick your finger in to check the fluid level. It is listed in the owner's manual. If you have a ramp, or a friendly mechanic with one, you can raise the car to easily identify this bolt. If memory serves correctly it is behind the right front tire. It uses standard 10w30 oil (!) as the fluid.