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Where is the transmission dipstick located on a 1990 Nissan Stanza?


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2005-06-22 18:36:37
2005-06-22 18:36:37

Look below the battery, on the left side of it (an inch or 2 lower than the bottom of it), you'll see a small tube with a sharp curve (kinda like the number 7 shape) with a small black ball on the top. That's the handle. Grap it, and maybe twist as you pull up. I wondered for the longest time, until my friend just happened to grab it and was surprised to find it! Trans stick is on the right side of the eng, just aft of the radiator and about 10-12 inches lower than the top of the raditor. The top of the stick is very small and looks like a black marble.


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It is under the battery. It has a little red nipple on the top.

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Its in front off the engine on the right side and it has a red cap on it.

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On the 1987, it's at the lower left corner of battery tray...mine has a little red bulb at top of stick.

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The Nissan stanza has a 4-speed auto transmission. It shifting is electronically-operated . The transmission computer box is located in the center console. It is next to the ECM box.

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