Where is the transmission fluid dipstick located in a 1997 Honda Prelude?

I have an '87 Prelude and mine is located in the engine compartment on the passeger's side. It's actually on top of the transaxle down under the radiator's upper hose. You can burn your arm if you are not careful when reaching down to UNSCREW it. That's right, this dipstick is actually threaded into the transaxle. The top of the dipstick DOES NOT have a loop on it to hook your finger through, to pull it out and check it. Rather, it has a ridge that sticks up about 1/2". Kind of like a huge tip of a blade screwdriver. Reach down about 12" below the top of the engine compartment, unscrew the dipstick and pull it up to reveal a little dipstick about 1-1/2" long. Wipe it off and rethread it ALL THE WAY back in the transaxle. Then unthread it again and check it again to be sure you got the reading right. The hole that the dipstick sits in, is a filler hole about 1/2" in diameter. You'll need a long funnel or tube to pour in tranny fluid. Be sure and recheck the level when you are done. For my year, this is a difficult and painful way to check the fluid when it's hot. It seems like it was an engineering mistake that should have had a dipstick on top of the screw-in filler cap instead. Perhaps your 1997 model had an improved design. Z-gear