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On the left side of the engine (passenger side) near the firewall.


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The transmission dipstick on a 1998 Blazer should be located at the rear of the engine. It should not be near the oil dipstick.

Assuming you have an automatic transmission the dipstick is located under the hood on the passenger side in back of the engine, close to the firewall.

It is on the left side of the motor up againest the firewall

replacement of the transmission dipstick tub seal on a 1994 s10 blazer

As you are looking under the hood, it is back by the firewall on the left side

where can i buy a transmission dip stick for a 1995 chevy blazer

It should tell you on the transmission dipstick.

You can use any type of SAE certified transmission fluid in your 1997 Chevrolet Blazer. You can check the transmission fluid level with the transmission fluid dipstick.

Remove the transmission dipstick and read it, it will tell what fluid to use.

You would add ATF through the dipstick tube.

Assuming this is an automatic transmission, the transmission dipstick tube is where you would add transmission fluid. After a drive and the engine and transmission are warmed up, put transmission in the park position, apply parking brake, leave engine running, exit vehicle, open hood, locate and remove transmission dipstick, wipe dipstick dry, reinsert dipstick completely into tube and remove again. Notice the level of fluid left on the dipstick, it should be within the marks indicated. Add the proper fluid as required thru the dipstick tube if needed. If this vehicle has a standard transmission the fill plug would be located under the vehicle directly on the transmission. This would best be done on a lift. With vehicle up on a lift and level remove the fill plug from the side of the transmission. The fluid should be right at that level of the openning, add the proper fluid if necessary.

let the car warm up to normal running temp and check the fluid on the transmission dipstick. the dipstick should be torwards to back of the engine on the passenger side.

use the dipstick when the engine is running to be certain:)

Standing in front of engine it will be on the left side in the back towards the heater box.

The 2002 Chevrolet blazer speed sensor is located on the side of the transmission. The speed sensor will be on the right hand side of the transmission.

There are many bolts that assemble a transmission, automatic or standard. Be more specific.

It is on the valve body inside of the transmission. Remove the transmission pan and you will see it.

It will be back by the fire wall on the left rear side of the engine, towards the back side of the valve cover.

The clutch slave cylinder is located inside the transmission bellhousing. The transmission must be removed to gain access.

The automatic transmission fluid temperature sensor on a 1997 Chevy Blazer S10 is located on top of the transfer case. It is in the engine compartment.

The transmission dipstick is at the center rear of the engine comparment behind the distributor. This is how you have to fill the transmission fluid as well. DO NOT overfill the transmission fluid, that is the quickest and easiest way to damage a transmission. Transmission fluid is to be checked on a warm engine, idling in park.

In most cases, you will find the speed shift sensor for your 1998 Chevy Blazer located on the backside of your transfer case. The transfer case is located on the transmission.

I thought I could remove and replace the transmission in my Blazer, I did get it out but I didn't want to put it back in so I paid a local shop to come and get the blazer, transmission, and all the parts that had to be removed to get the transmission out and finish the job. I would suggest that since you are asking this question, maybe you would be better off going to a transmission shop in the first place. Mine is an automatic, a standard transmission would be much easier.

The shift solenoid on your 1994 Chevrolet Blazer, is located on the top of the transmission. The solenoid will be labeled.

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