Where is the transmission fluid drain plug on the 2001 Honda Civic?

For an automatic transmission - facing car, plug is located on left side of transmission near bottom, middle. The plug is round on the outside and has a square whole on the inside. You do not use a wrench to remove the plug but you have to use a 3,8s ratchet to remove it (the part of the ratchet were you would put a socket fits into the square hole). Be sure to replace the plug washer with a new one to avoid leaks.

there is no actual plug you must take off the bottom of the transmission pan. Also it is a good idea to change the gasket when doing so. Take out one bolt at a time starting with the narrow side and work your way across slowly letting it drain. And when putting the bolts back in be sure not to strip them or to tighten to much as it will damage the gasket. This process should take about 30-45 min.