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For an automatic transmission - facing car, plug is located on left side of transmission near bottom, middle. The plug is round on the outside and has a square whole on the inside. You do not use a wrench to remove the plug but you have to use a 3,8s ratchet to remove it (the part of the ratchet were you would put a socket fits into the square hole). Be sure to replace the plug washer with a new one to avoid leaks.

there is no actual plug you must take off the bottom of the transmission pan. Also it is a good idea to change the gasket when doing so. Take out one bolt at a time starting with the narrow side and work your way across slowly letting it drain. And when putting the bolts back in be sure not to strip them or to tighten to much as it will damage the gasket. This process should take about 30-45 min.

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Q: Where is the transmission fluid drain plug on the 2001 Honda Civic?
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94 Honda Civic transmission drain?

94 civic transmission fluid drain

How to change automatic transmission fluid on 98 civic?

On a 1998 Honda Civic there is a transmission drain bolt located on the bottom of the housing. Loosen the bolt and drain all of the old fluid. Using Honda ATF fluid top off the transmission.

Where is the transmission fluid drain plug on a 1991 Honda Civic?

Have to drop transmission oil pan

Where is the transmission fluid dipstick on a 1989 Honda civic hatchback?

A 1989 Honda Civic did not make use of a transmission fluid dipstick. Instead there are two bolts available. A filler bolt and a drain bolt.

Best transmission fluid 1991 Honda Civic?

best transmission fluid 1991 Honda civic lx

How do you check the fluid on a automatic transmission on a 1983 Honda Civic?

How do I check the transmission fluid on a 1983 Honda Civic 1500DX

Does a Honda Civic with a manual transmission take a special kind of transmission fluid?

Yea the Transmission Fluid is called special Honda civic stuff fluid thingy

How do you change the fluid on a manual transmission on a 94 Honda civic?

Should be a drain plug at the bottom of transmission and a fill plug at the side

What kind of manual transmission fluid for a 2002 Honda civic?

Honda manual transmission fluid, from the dealer.

What kind of transmission fluid does a manual 1993 Honda Civic lx take?

what kind of transmission fluid does a 5 speed manual honda civic take?

How many quarts of transmission fluid does 1997 Honda civic lx need?

2.9 after drain, 6.2 total capacity

Is it bad to flush transmission fluid in a Honda Civic?

Yes...just drain and refill a couple of times till the fluid is bright red again !

What is the transmission fluid capacity of a 2000 Honda Civic EX?

On a drain and refill about 3 quarts, if the transmissions completely empty of fluid 6.3 quarts.

How much transmission fluid does a 2007 Honda Civic Coupe need?

A 2007 Honda Civic Coupe will hold approximately 3 quarts of transmission fluid. The transmission fluid can be purchased at any auto parts store.

Is there a transmission fluid filter on a Honda Civic?

From what i have read the transmission fluid filter is inside of Honda trannys. You have to take apart the thing to get at it!

How do fill the transmission fluid in a 1998 Honda Civic?

The Honda automatic transmission is filled through the transmission dipstick hole.

How often should transmission fluid be changed on a 2006 Honda civic?

Transmission fluid (Civic CVT manual every 50,000mls,Transmission fluid (A/T or ?/T) auto every 30,000mls

How do you check automatic transmission fluid in a 1982 Honda Civic?

The automatic transmission will have a dip stick location on a 1982 Honda Civic. Pull the dip stick to see the color and texture of the fluid.

What transmission fluid does a 2003 Honda civic use?

You should use only Honda genuine transmission fluid. You can get a gallon of it at your local Honda dealer and change it yourself.

What type of transmission fluid goes in a 2001 Honda civic?

"Honda Genuine" transmission fluid is the correct fluid type. Specifically use this type or it will cause damage.

What type of transmission fluid is for a 2007 Honda civic?

Honda Atf Z-1

How much automatic transmission fluid does a 1993 Honda Civic hold?

A 1993 Honda Civic automatic transmission holds 2.9 quarts of fluid. The factory recommendation is Honda Genuine ATF-Z1 automatic transmission fluid. An alternative is a DEXRON II (now replaced by DEXRON III).

How do you change transmission fluid on a manual transmission on a 1998 Honda civic ex coupe?

Undo the fill plug with whatever sized socket/wrench needed then undo the drain plug with a 3/8" ratchet and drain the old fluid into a container. Retighten the drain plug and refill the transmission with Honda Manual Transmission Fluid or 10w30 motor oil. You will need a way to squirt the oil through the fill hole. Retighten the fill hole and you are set.

What type of transmission fluid should you put on your 96 Honda civic 1.5 automatic transmission?

The recommended transmission fluid for a 1996 Civic is Dexron II or IID transmission fluid. Do not use Mercon fluid as it has a different formulation and may cause harm to the transmission.

Change transmission fluid 94 Honda civic dx?

Use only genuine Honda ATF DW1 automatic transmission fluid and nothing else.