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Where is the transmission fluid spout be located on a 97 venture?

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n/m i found it. it's hidden on the left side of the engine under the plastic shroud.

2006-08-25 20:02:03
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Where is the transmission fluid fill located on a 1996 dodge stratus?

using a funell pour the fluid into the spout of the dipstick..slowly

Where do you pour the transmission fluid in a 2005 Chevy impala 3.4 engine?

Put a small funel in the spout where you remove the transmission dipstick and pour slowly

Where does tranmission oil go?

Transmission fluid goes into the spout where you check the transmission fluid. You will most likely need a funnel to pour the liq. in otherwise it can a bit of a pain. If the is no dipstick to check the transmission then you might have a sealed transmession and then your S.O.L. and have to get it serviced for something simple like a fluid change.

Where is the transmission fluid spout on a 92 Ford E250?

under the hood Gee, i would have never thought of that... I found the spout for the regular oil, the power stearing and the windshield wash... All I can for for the transmission is the dip stick... Not to be a "Dip Stick" but where does the oil go for the Transmission, surely not in the dip stick hole?

Where do you add transmission fluid to a 1995 Mazda Millenia?

there's a little spout on the driver's side. (ON THE S MODEL). it's a red tube.

How do you check transmission fluid in a 1996 Vw golf?

# Check the level of the transmission fluid with the engine idling and the transmission in Park. # The transmission dipstick is marked with a max and min level. # The fluid level should be between these marks. # If it is low, top up the fluid (through the dipstick tube) to the max level (bottles of transmission fluid have an 'anteater' spout to make this easy). # If the fluid is a dark brown or black colour you should organise getting it changed and replaced with fresh fluid; this will greatly extend the life of the transmission. # Fluid in good condition should be ruby red.

How do you check tranny fluid in a 2000 alero you cant find the dip stick?

You can't. It's a sealed transmission, and has no spout or dipstick. All service to the transmission should be done by a dealer.

Were do you add transmission fluid in a 98 Cabrio?

On the VW automatic transmission of this generation vehicle, the transmission is supposed to be serviced only by VW, so there is not the typical dip stick tube that comes up into the engine compartment. You can check the fluid and add if needed through the fill spout, under the car, located directly on the transmission pan. There is a short 2" tube with a red cap, unscrew the cap which also has a fluid level indicator attached, similar to a power steering dipstick. To add fluid you will need to pump it in with a hose attached to your container. Regards. BDBENZ

Where do you add transmission fluid on a 2003 Chrysler Sebring convertible?

The only place to add fluid is through the transmission fluid dip stick spout. Use a funnel and ensure you do not overfill it. Once filled, drive it a bit -- ensuring you run through all of the gears, then check it again and top off as necessary.

Where do you add transmission fluid in a 1996 ford ranger with automatic transmission?

Under the hood you will find a cap that says TRANSMISSION, or something to that effect. The cap is attached to the top end of the transmission dip stick. Pull out the dipstick and add transmission fluid through the dip stick spout. Add the fluid slowly and check the level often, you don't want to overfill. When the level is somewhere between the add and full marks on the dip stick, you have a good level.

How do you add transmission fluid to a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

Fill it through the dip stick spout using a special long tube funnel you can get at any auto parts store.

Why would transmission fluid leak out of my 1993 Ford F-250 7.3 liter diesel when under load in reverse?

you have a busted seal on the torque converter. does it come out of the little spout tube between the transmission and the motor?

I am trying to add power steering fluid and i can't find where the power steering fluid spout is located i hope i didn't put it where the transmission fluid goes 1990 Nissan 240sx?

Hey man if you have a 1990 KA24E, it should be right there next to the valve cover gasket to the left when you open your hood. it's to the right of the windshield washer fluid containter and below the fuel filter. it's kind of big.Hope that helps.

Where is the Spout Springs Library in Flowery Branch located?

The address of the Spout Springs Library is: 6488 Spout Springs Road, Flowery Branch, 30542 5524

How do you replace transmission fluid in a 1993 Ford Escort?

To add fluid: Be sure to purchase the correct fluid for your transmission. Purchase a funnel with a long (6" to 8") spout or a measuring funnel with a valve between the bottom of the funnel and a hose that will fit into a 1/2" or so hole. Remove the transmission dipstick. It is behind the large black hose leading from the air filter box to the throttle body on the fuel injection intake tubing. Using one of the funnels, pour the fluid in thru the hole the dipstick came out of. Be sure not to overfill the transmission.

Where is the aerator located on a faucet?

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How do you add transmission fluid to a 88' GMC half ton?

Check where the you would normally check for transmission fluid and put a spout in and pour atf domestic i might remind u into it easy as that and if it hasnt been checked in quite a while i would take the tranny pan off and pour the tranny fluid out and clean it out also put a new gasket and filter while your doing this

Where is the sink aerator located?

Normally at the end of the faucet spout

Where do you put transmission fluid on 1995 ford escort manual transmission?

there is a plug in transmission front on drivers side ,the plug is recessed in trans case (similar to the one in most rear wheel drive rear ends), it takes a 3/8 drive extension with a swivel head the fluid is atf just like the automatics,you will need a long funnel with swivel spout,pour till runs out replace plug.plug is close to trans mounting bracket

What type of fluid for a manual 1989 f-150 transmission and transfer case?

80 90 weight gear oil tough to put in need small hose to put on bottle spout and squeeze bottle to force oil into trnasmission

Where do you add transmission fluid to a 95 ford mustang?

Get a funnel and pour it right down the spout that the dip stick comes out of. Don't overfill, check manual for capacity, read stick, pour a little less then measure and add more if needed.

Where is the fill spout for washer fluid in a 1995 Chrysler lebaron?

Under the hood, passenger side base of the windshield.

Where is the spout connector located on a 1993 Ford Thunderbird?

Its located on the passenger side fire wall near the shock tower

How do you check the automatic transmission fluid level on a 1992 Paseo. I understand it's done while the car is running but the dipstick only says hot and cold?

Your owners manual will tell you what fluid to use. Also look on the dipstick, or call a Toyota dealer. Make sure you do it right. Overfilling an A/T can do serious damage. You check the automatic transmission fluid when the engine is running and preferably warmed up. The "cold" and "hot" listed on the dipstick are to tell you where the fluid level should come to on the dip stick when the transmission fluid is: Cold: You just started the engine and the engine has not been run in the last 3 or more hours. Hot: The engine has been run for 20 minutes or more. Make sure you get the right transmission fluid (check manual or ask auto parts store employee) You need to add any additional transmission fluid to the tranny through the dip stick tube. A funnel with a flexible spout is the best to minimize spilling tranny fluid all over the engine. Overfilling the transmission will cause the seals to start leaking and also possibly ruin the internal parts of the transmission.

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