Where is the transmission fluid stick on a 1994 Saturn SL2?

I own a 1997, but I believe the location is very nearly identical. The question doesn't specify automatic or manual transmission, but I believe the location of the dipstick's the same for both: Driver's side near the firewall. The dipstick handle may even be yellow, but I'm not completely sure for that model year. Not asked for, but maybe useful: for auto-trans, to check the level and top up, if necessary: Start the car whilke parked on a level surface and allow the engine and transmission fluid to warm to normal operating temperature. Run the gearshift through all the gears ending in Park, of course. Take out the dipstickand wipe it clean, then _completely_ (make sure it "seats") reinsert into the filler tube. Take it out again and inspect the transmission fluid level on the dipstick. The fluid level should be between ADD 1 PT. or .5L mark and FULL HOT marks. Some dipsticks just have a crosshatch area. On these the level should be within the crosshatch on the dipstick. Use Dexron III transmission fluid. CAREFUL!!! DO NOT overfill the transmission. Nu-uh! Don't do it! :-) ON MANUAL TRANNIES, park on a level surface and check the fluid (taking the dipstick out, cleaning it, re-inserting it, etc.) while the car/transmission is COLD. The dipstick level should be at the FULL mark. The drain plug (if it's overfull) is below the dipstick tube. I believe you use Dexron III transmission fluid in the manual trannie, too, but check your owners manual for that. Yeh, I know: strange to use automatic transmission fluid in a manual transmission, but that's what the book I had a chance to check says. Had me scratching my head, cos it's the first time I'd seen that, but there it was. :-)