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Regardless of whether it's a manual or autoamtic, the transaxle (transmission plus final drive) is located on the left side (as you look forward) of the engine. Unless you have the right tools including an engine hoist or transmission jack, jack stands, and floor jack, it's not a job you want to take on. I assume you are replacing the transaxle with a rebuld or new unit. Plan a whole weekend to do this job.

Disconnect the battery, speedometer cable, clutch cable, gear selectro linkage reverse/neutral switch wiring, jack up car, support on stands, remove road wheels, drop the lower control arm bolts, remove the half-shaft nuts, remove the half-shafts (make certain you have a drain pan under the transaxle); remove the starter motor, support the engine, remove the bolts holding the transaxle to the engine, support the transaxle with a floor jack, remove the four bolts that attach the cross-member to the body, pull the transaxle away from the engine and lower the transaxle/crossmember assembly on the floor jack. Dettach the crossmemebr from the transaxle.

When reassembling, make certain all componets, wiring etc are clean; if manual transaxle inspect clutch & flywheel replace if needed, re-surface flywheel if needed. Once reassembled, fill transaxle with new fluid per manufacturer's recommedation; retorque all bolts per shop manual.

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Q: Where is the transmission located on a 1990 Mazda 323 and how do you change?
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There is no reservoir. All the transmission lube in stored inside the transmission.

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Yes, there is a transmission in a 1990 Mazda RX7 convertible.

Where is the automatic transmission filler location for a 1990 Mazda 626 DX located?

Remove the transmission pan underneath and it's inside of it.

1990 Mazda Protege transmission fluid capacity?

5.7 quarts for automatic transmission

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I am a car salesperson. It cannot be done. Besides, the car is 20 years old. Why would you want to?

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can you answer the question i have a 1990 ford ranger with a Mazda manual transmission what fluid does it require

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At the rear of the engine, directly in the center, just above the transmission. If you look to the right of your firewall, you can find it by tracing the left heater hose down to the back of the engine. This answer is applicable for 1990-2005 Mazda Miatas.

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There is no egr valve on a 1990 Mazda MPV 6 cylinder

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The backup light switch is located on the left side of the transmission. Disconnect the switch connectors, then unscrew the switch.

Is it possible to change a manual transmission into an automatic in a 1990 Mazda Miata?

Yes you can, but take it to a shopAnswerYou should NEVER, EVER replace a manual transmission a Miata. Learn to drive stick. No exceptions, except amputees. Answer

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The automatic transmission temperature sensor, on your 1990 Mitsubishi, is located on the top of the transmission. The sensor will have to electrical wires going to it.

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Can you change a automatic to a 5 speed Honda Accord 1990

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Starter, on the starter. Transmission, on the transmission.

How do you change a transmission filter on a 1990 Acura Legend?

The transmission filter is not in the pan like most other vehicles. On a 1990 acura legend it's an inline filter kinda looks like a fuel filter but located by the radiator.

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Where is the starter located on 1990 mazda rx7?

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Where is Neutral switch located on 1990 cavalier z24 3point 1 automatic?

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