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Where is the turn indicator flasher on a 2000 Dodge Durango 4x4?


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2006-08-01 03:03:15
2006-08-01 03:03:15

The turn indicator flasher is actually a relay and for the 2000 up years its under the dash, to the left of the instrument panel. If you could look straight up, it will be within inches of the outside and you almost need to be an acrobat to change it. If you are towing things often, you may want to upgrade to a higher rated amp. From the factory, this is Green. It should be in the fuse box in the 2000 models. On 2001 and newer, it is under the driver's side dash, just above the data link connector. UNDER THE LEFT END OF INSTRUMENT PANEL, IN THE FUSE BLOCK, ON THE BACK OF JUNCTION BLOCK.


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