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Well on my 1982 107 body, its under the passenger side dash..but i can see that different VINs styles, etc have them different places.

Caveat: I know this because I thought this was the problem I was having, when in reality, the problem was just that the wires under the 4 way Emergency flasher switch in the center console had become loose.

Virtually the entire light/turn signal system runs through that switch, which just from jiggling around can become lose, or from spills, water, etc, bad. Check it. mine sometimes still screws up and pressing down real hard on the center wood piece has actually fixed the connections! (That is one of those easy to access once you figure out the 2 hidden screws type of thing)>

Answer #2.

380SL version# 1. the blinker relay is built into the hazard switch.

380SL version# 2. is beneath/behind the instrument cluster, locate the courtesy lamp in the foot-well, the relay is above that light behind the removable (carpeted) knee pad and plastic bellow vent line.

380SL version# 3. is under the center console by the shifter or forward under/behind the radio.

FYI: when the hazard switch and relay are combined some owners have exercised (on/off) the switch to get it working again.

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Q: Where is the turn signal flasher on a 1982 380sl Mercedes-Benz?
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