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Where is the turn signal relay located on a 2004 Ford Expedition?

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2010-01-26 05:49:18

The turn signal relay (aka flasher) is located behind the

instrument panel on the driver's side. It's directly above the

emergency break on the inside portion of the panel, about six

inches below the level of the headlight switch. You can reach it

with your right hand if you sit on the door threshold with your

back to the seat.

The flasher is covered by a black plastic box that's about 3"

long and 1 1/2" wide. The cover is held on with plastic clips on

the ends of the box. To remove it, squeeze the tops of the clips in

pretty hard while gently pushing the cover up. (It tried squeezing

the bottoms, pulling, etc. before figuring out that I had to

squeeze harder.)

Once the cover is off, it's pretty easy to pull out the flasher

and insert the new one.

Tip: A rapdily blinking turn signal may mean you have a signal

bulb burnt out. Check your bulbs before replacing the flasher.

I believe this information is accurate for 1997-2006 Expeditions

and, probably, F150s.

Despite spam entries to the contrary, this information is not

available in your owner's manual, and you definitely DON'T need to

contact a dealer. This is an easy do-it-yourself job.

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