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It is usaully in the glove box on most cars check in there, it should be a little round button

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โˆ™ 2005-03-11 00:28:43
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Q: Where is the valet override button to override the starter lockout on a 1996 Ford Contour and what does the button look like?
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Where under the dash is the override button for 2001 kia?

Override button for what?

Where is the emergency override button in 2001 Ford Expedition?

where is the emergency override button in 2001 ford expedition

Where is the reset button on a ford contour for ignition immobilize?

where is the reset button on a ford contour for ignition immobilize?

What happens when start and stop buttons of direct on line method starter of induction motor pressed at same time?

The stop button is connected in series so will effectively override the start button.

What are some causes of th eoverride button not working on a 2003 ford expedition?

Override button ? What is it supposed to override ? A little more detail please

Where if the override button on a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport?

Need more info. override button for what? the passive anti theft security system

What is override button for on 1998 polaris 6x6 big boss?

The override button is used when driving in reverse, it's used when you need to go faster then 5mph in reverse.

Where is the alarm override button located on a 1993 ranger?

The 1993 Ford Ranger does not have an alarm override but. You can override the alarm system by removing the alarm system fuse.

Where is the valet override button on an Acura Vigor?

You will need to unplug the connector on the hood switch. That is how you can override on an Acura Vigor.

When did the starter button for a vehicel first appear?

The first electric starter with starter button appeared on a car called the Arnold in 1896.

Where is Valet override button located?

It is the choice of the installer where to install it.

What is power button lockout on hp?

your locked out of you monitor so hold on it down for 10 seconds

Is it safe to keep pressing the starter button on an electric hot water heater to start it?

Starter button ? - you must have a very strange heater, they normally heat automatically when power is on, and I have fitted hundreds and NEVER seen a 'starter button'

Where is the valet override button 2001 ford expedition?

If your refering to the over drive button. It's located on the shifter handle.

Where is the valet button located on a 1991 Ford Contour?

It doesn't exist.

Where is the valet override button on a dodge durango 2005?

No such part exists on a Durango.

Is there a common cause for a 1987 454 ltd not to crank when the start button in pressed?

Start by checking battery voltage and then use a test light to check for power at the starter when the button is pressed. If you have power at the starter with the button pressed it could be a bad starter. If no power at the starter then check into wiring and/or relays.

Is there an overdrive lockout button on a 1993 El Dorado New owner and cannot find a switch-button?

no overdrivelock out on this car you just pull it down a gear.

Where is the Inertia Switch Reset Button located on a 95 Contour?

The Inertia Switch Reset button on a 95 Ford Contour is located on the drivers side right behind the hood release. You might have to remove the plastic cover.

How do you unlock the child lockout on a Kenmore microwave oven?

Most lock outs unlock by touching the button again.

Where is the overdrive button on a 1997 Ford Contour?

On the automatic console gearshift it is below the button you press to select the gear

How do you change starter button on 1996 Honda magna?

changing starter button on 1996 honda magna 750 how to remove throdle cables from from hand grip.

How do you switch the locked out channels on a regency scanner Z 10?

Simply press the SCAN button to put the scanner in scanning mode, then press the number button for the channel you want to lockout or unlock. For example, to lockout channel 5, just press the "5" button while scanning; to unlock channel 5, press "5" again. This works for many Regency scanner models.

How do you repair your 1998 Chevrolet Blazer headlights that do not work at night?

i have a 98 blazer and read in the manual that you have to use the dome override button for this Dome override button has nothing to do with headlights,but with the interior lights in your vehicle. So it depends on what your problem is exactly.

What is the button on the dashboard under the lights switch for?

that button is usually for the dome light override so when doors are open lights can b turned off