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Where is the vehicle identification number located on a mobile home?


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July 29, 2008 8:01PM

SUGGESTIONS FOR LOCATING VINs ON MANUFACTURED HOMES 1 Remove any skirting or covering that hides the front of the frame. 2 The front frame is the metal cross member that the house rests on and the hitch is bolted onto. Begin in the center of the frame and look for the stamped VIN numbers. First look for the VIN to the left (as you stand in front of it), then to the right. The numbers are usually stamped in large numbers and can be stamped up and down, or left to right depending on the height of the frame. 3 If a mobile home is a double wide, you will probably have an "A" side and a "B" side. Many doublewides VINs are titled with the VIN ending in AB. Example; 1FTN14577G23D1234AB 4 Additional locations where the VIN can be found: on a piece of paper near the back door, under the kitchen sink (attached to one of the cabinet walls), and on the door or wall near the hot water heater. This piece of paper will have a complete listing of all the identifying number on all the appliances in the home, as well as a repeat of the VIN or Serial Number of the home. From the New Mexico State Tax and Revenue website - DW