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Where is the vehicle identification number located on a mobile home?

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SUGGESTIONS FOR LOCATING VINs ON MANUFACTURED HOMES 1 Remove any skirting or covering that hides the front of the frame. 2 The front frame is the metal cross member that the house rests on and the hitch is bolted onto. Begin in the center of the frame and look for the stamped VIN numbers. First look for the VIN to the left (as you stand in front of it), then to the right. The numbers are usually stamped in large numbers and can be stamped up and down, or left to right depending on the height of the frame. 3 If a mobile home is a double wide, you will probably have an "A" side and a "B" side. Many doublewides VINs are titled with the VIN ending in AB. Example; 1FTN14577G23D1234AB 4 Additional locations where the VIN can be found: on a piece of paper near the back door, under the kitchen sink (attached to one of the cabinet walls), and on the door or wall near the hot water heater. This piece of paper will have a complete listing of all the identifying number on all the appliances in the home, as well as a repeat of the VIN or Serial Number of the home. From the New Mexico State Tax and Revenue website - DW

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Where is the vehicle identification number located on a car?

The Vehicle Identification Number is usually found in the windshield below the dash.

What is the number called located on every vehicle under the wind shield?

VIN vehicle identification number.

1995 Polaris 400 VIN number location?

The 1995 Polaris 400 vehicle identification number is located on the vehicle identification number plate attached to the frame. You will find the flight below the seat.

What is in a VIN number?

Vehicle Identification Number - The unique Vehicle Identification Number that is assigned to each vehicle. Think of it as a Social Security Number for transportation. It contains numbers and letters that are particular to a vehicle and only that vehicle.

What is a vin number?

vehicle identification number

Where is the VIN number located on a Yamaha Grizzly 600 ATV?

the vehicle identification number is stamped into the left side of the frame

Where is the motorcycle vin number?

The vin number is the identification of your car. The vin stands for vehicle identification number, which is what the DMV uses to identify your vehicle.

Where is the vehicle identification number located on a 1966 gto?

Inside the drivers door on the front door post.

What is the VIN?

vehicle identification number

What is a VIN?

VIN is a vehicle identification number.

what car is this vin?

vehicle identification number

What is a cert number of a veichel?

i assume by this you mean the vin number of a vehicle, (vehicle identification number). the vin number is located on the dash in front of the steering wheel and can be viewed from outside the car looking through the windshield.

How do you find a year of a vehicle with just a vehicle identification number?

The 10th digit in the number is the model year of the vehicle

How can you decode the VIN from your 1969 Jeep?

The vehicle identification number is a 16 -digit number. The number is located at the door lining and is decoded using the VIN decoder.

What is a VIN number, and how do I find it?

Vehicle Identification Number is the VIN. It will located on small plate on the front windshield area of your car. Also it will be on your owner's permit.

Can you tell what the gross vehicle weight ratio is in the vehicle identification number?

No, you cannot.

Who can tell you what year your Honda atc 90 is?

You can tell the manufacturer year of your Honda by the vehicle identification number. The sixth and seventh number of the vehicle identification number will indicate the year of manufacture.

What does a vehicle DIN mean?

if you mean vehicle vin, the vin is short for vehicle identification number.

What does the VIN on an automobile stand for?

Vehicle Identification Number

What does the acronym VIN represent?

Vehicle Identification Number

What does your Pontiac VIN mean?

Vehicle Identification Number.

What do the letters VIN stand for?

vehicle identification number

What part if the VIN is the Serial Number on a 1993 Nissan Pathfinder?

The VIN # on your vehicle is the Vehicle Identification Number. It can be located on the title of the vehicle and can also be located under the windshield on the drivers side down by the wiper blade. It is used to give the specific vehicle its own identity . no two VIN numbers are the same.

What does MIN mean for a cell phone?

mobile identification number

What is the meaning of VIN and where is it located in a car?

VIN - stands for Vehicle Identification Number. EVERY motor vehicle on the planet - has a unique identifying number. It's embossed on small metal plates which are riveted onto the vehicle's chassis in a number of locations - as well as inside the engine compartment.