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Where is the virus located?

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A computer virus can occupy many different locations on a computer. Some Computer Viruses are programmed to inhabit the boot sector, while others hide within the computer's system files, and some are included with a specific program.

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Where is the genetic material of a virus located?

The genetic material of a virus is located inside its capsid.

Where is the material of a virus located?

If you mean the nuclear material, it is located in the capsid of the virus. It can be either RNA or DNA.

Where is the corona virus located?

well, firstly this virus is only specified in the earth's most outerreached forests. secndly scientists have believed that there is a large concentrationg of this virus located on the far side of uranus and when people have gone to long quests to look for this virus since this virus has special powers that make you into spiderman. even spiderman himself quoted that he himself has found thiss virus.

Does anyone know anything about the file ruhn2 located in C?

C:\ruhn2.exe Is a virus . Please run an online virus scan to remove the virus and other files associated with this virus

Where is avast virus chest is located in computer?

in c drive

Where are virus cells located?

They are 1st located in you blood by white blood cells who alert the rest of his kind.

What is an advantage of a virus scanning application?

. Virus scanning applications can locate a virus and can offer solutions on how to deal with the virus.. Some virus scanning applications are very cheap or even free such as "AVG". Virus scanning applications can now name a located virus.. Virus scanning applications can be applied to more features of the computer and can even scan e-mails for viruses

SETUP INF is a virus?

depends where the file is located and what is in the .inf file

Is 302 a virus?

No. It is a positive integer located between the numbers 301 and 303.

What is a script virus and Trojan virus?

If you have these viruses i suggest you get rid of them A Trojan is a virus that tries to install itself on your computer and take up space A script virus can be located in the hardest to find spots so make sure you run full scans regularly I hope this anwer has helped

Where Did the Ebola virus gets its name?

From the Ebola River in Congo, adjacent to where the first recognized case was located.

What are four types of computer viruses?

The traditional VirusTrojanWormBugWay virusTrj. Reboot virusTrivial.88.D virusPolyboot.B virusAntiEXE virusRandex virusCMJ VirusMeve virusMrKlunky virusNimda virusSQLSlammer virus

What does outpig mean?

Unlike the more common term of "pig out", outpig is a virus that infects pigs located on farms. No one knows for sure how the pigs are infected by the virus but it seems to be more prevalent in Canada.

Why are other cells not targeted by the HIV virus?

HIV can only bind with the CD4 located on Helper T cells.

What is the definition of 'virus'?

a virus

Where is herpes located?

Generally herpes is located in the facial or genital area. Herpes Zoster, from the chicken pox virus, can be anywhere on the body, and usually affects adults 60 or older.

That the cold virus is an active virus or a hidden virus?

active virus

What are the Example of program virus?

this are sunday virus, cascade virus, professors virus.

Is Ebola Virus a fungus?

No. Ebola is a virus. No virus is a fungus and no fungus is a virus.

What is virus?

A virus is something that infects cells and makes them produce more of the virus.

What is an email virus not a cumputer virus?

An email virus is a virus that is distributed through emails. It is still a computer virus.

Kinds of virus?

There are about nine types of computer viruses. They include the boot sector virus. the browser hijacker, direct action virus, file infector virus, macro virus, Multipartite Virus, Polymorphic Virus, Resident Virus, and Web Scripting Virus.

Does have a virus?

Norton Safe Web found no issues with this site, it is located in the USA. Please see the link below.

What is a hidden virus?

a hidden virus is were your virus is hidden so you have a virus but you can't see it. so its called a hidden virus.

What does a cell and a virus have in common?

What a cell and a virus have in common is the RNA or DNA. The virus can be either a RNA virus or a DNA virus.