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If it is like a 95 or 96, you raise the rear hatch and right above the drivers side taillight assembly, there is a filler flap.

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Q: Where is the washer bottle inlet for the rear window for the 1998 Ford Explorer?
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Where is the low pressure ac charge inlet on a 2002 ford explorer?

The low side ac port for a 2002 ford explorer is on the top of the drier assembly. It is located beside of the window washer fill bottle.

What is a inlet hose on a washer?

It fills the washer with water from the source, Theres usually a cut-of valve or faucet on the wall near the washer for it.

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Where is the thermostat located on a 1997 ford explorer v6?

The 97 Ford Explorer thermostat is located inside of the engine inlet. The inlet is where the top radiator hose connects to the engine.

1996 explorer where is the heater inlet line in a 1996 ford explorer?

It should be the same as my 1995 - at the firewall the heater hose nearest the drivers side is the inlet hose to the heater core

What causes a washer to fill slow?

It could be low water pressure or a partial blockage in an inlet valve.

Why don't hot water run into washer?

Probably because you have a plugged inlet filter. All washers have this tiny filter inside the inlet hose. -Another possible reason is the electrically controlled inlet valve, it may fail .

Why would the toilet over flow without even flushing it?

because the flushing washer is broken and needs to be replaced, or the inlet washer is broken and the water is over flowing into the pan

Why is there a filled plastic bottle inside the flushing cisterns?

to close the water inlet after the cistern is full

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There are MANY sizes of bottles, just saying "one bottle" is not helpful.

Which way to turn the Cone Washer on the water Inlet Line to the Toilet Tank?

The smaller end of the cone goes up into the tank.

How do you adjust the flow on the windshield washer sprayers on a 1997 Ford Taurus?

There are no adustments. The pump is bad, or sick,or there is trash in the water inlet filter or spray head outlets. Check the inlet hose filter inside the water reservoir. You have to remove the trash in the spray heads below the wipers or in the hoses or in the pump. Find a removable washer supply hose close to the windshield. You can remove that connection and check it's flow while operating the washer controls. No flow - go back and check things towards the washer pump. Good flow? take a needle and probe the washer outlet as well as suck out the feed hoses to both outlets.

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