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Where is the water drain that could be causing water to come inside your 2004 Daewoo Lanos?


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If vehicle has a sun roof that is tilt and slide, wind it back and in each corner there is adrainage pipe, put some sterdy wire down each corner to check its clear.

If not pop the bonnet and check that there is no water under the tray at the front of your windscreen (under where the wipers are!) if there is a pool of water anywhere here you need to locate the hole to clear that's blocking it from running away.

3rd though! if your vehicle is using water then it could be the heater matrix that has a hole and is leaking, the heater matrix uses the vehicles coolant to give you hot air from the blowers.

Other than that if its really bad, remove carpet and soundproofing sponge and dry then powder with talk, any water coming in will leave a trail from its source!