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If vehicle has a sun roof that is tilt and slide, wind it back and in each corner there is adrainage pipe, put some sterdy wire down each corner to check its clear.

If not pop the bonnet and check that there is no water under the tray at the front of your windscreen (under where the wipers are!) if there is a pool of water anywhere here you need to locate the hole to clear that's blocking it from running away.

3rd though! if your vehicle is using water then it could be the heater matrix that has a hole and is leaking, the heater matrix uses the vehicles coolant to give you hot air from the blowers.

Other than that if its really bad, remove carpet and soundproofing sponge and dry then powder with talk, any water coming in will leave a trail from its source!

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If you have oil in the first cylinder of your 2001 Daewoo Lanos What could this be?

bad oil rings

What would cause a Daewoo lanos to shut down when it get hot?

Could be a coil or ICM, Ignition Control Module.

2001 daewoo wont start what could be the problem?

My mom had a 4 door daewoo leganza and my sister a 2 door daewoo lanos hatchback. Those cars are a piece, and the parts are difficult if not impossible to find. Id say its time to go looking for another used car.

What would cause the back window demister not to work on Daewoo Lanos 1400cc?

if the demister does not work,you should check the contacts on the respective windshield or it also could be a problem with the relay

Your 1999 Daewoo Lanos has a thump thump sound coming from under the hood closest the right and left wheels It sounds as though something is loose What could be the problem?

ck the struts

What would cause a Daewoo lanos to burr loudly when you push your clutch in.. what could it be?

Sounds like the thrust bearing is worn, gearbox out to change this, may as well change clutch at same time.

Why does a Daewoo Lanos rev high when warm and engine check light come on?

Firstly you need to identify the trouble code. Your local service station should have the equipment to do this. (They MAY charge you). You could rent or borrow a SCAN TOOL from your friendly Auto Parts Store. The scan tool will provide you with the trouble code and report what is causing the problem.

What would cause a 1999 Daewoo Lanos SE 1.4 liter to run poorly where the engine seems to roar but lacks power?

Yes, as the mixture would run lean and possible misfires could occur.

1995 daewoo espero and the blinkers stop flashing there is no problem with the fuse Any suggestions on what might be causing this and how to fix it?

Could be a bad flasher

Why is your Daewoo lanos using to much fuel?

There could be all the usual things like tune up, too hard driving conditions, underinflated tires, etc. However, i have a Lanos and it's really not good on gas for such a small car. I bought it new, and it always gave dissapointing gas mileage. Our Honda Civic gets like 10 more mpgs! So don't expect too much from Lanos.

Alternator keeps failing in my 2001 daewoo leganza Even after repairing it 3 times in two weeks why is it failing?

Could be a loose ground causing a "spike" in the electrical system

How do you replace the lamps on a Daewoo Lanos heater control panel?

Tough job for an amateur, I've been told the whole front panel must be removed, and you could easily disconnect some of the wires behind. Тhe best way is visiting an auto electrician.

Your 2001 Lanos engine goes unstable while idling and spark plugs getting black soon What could be wrong?

my daewoo 2001 electric system i think is not good so the engin not stable so please answer me where the electric fail in the electric system and thanks

What could be causing a sweet chemical smell inside of Toyota 4x4?

heater core going bad.

R reg Daewoo Lanos will turn over but wont start spark plugs crank sensor fuel pump fuel relay and fuel filter all ok what else could it be?

It could be your timing belt. If your engine light on your dashboard does not turn on when you try to start the car it will be your engine fuse in front of the passenger seat

Can a bulging battery effect car electronics?

A bulging battery is an indication the is a short INSIDE the battery and it is getting overheated, causing gas to expand inside. It could explode on you.

What could the ticking noise coming from the engine of a 1999 Daewoo Lanos be and approximately how much would it cost to get it fixed?

My brother's Daewoo Lanos 2000 (using the stantard E-TECH engine) which I have been working on since about 15,000 miles has since day one had the same ticking in the engine. When I went back to the dealership I was assured that there was no problem with the car and that all of the Daewoo that use the e-tech engine (which is now also used in the Chevy Aveo and the Kia Spectra) have the same characteristic ticking. When I expressed my disbelief the dealer took me around and let me listen to most of the daewoo left on the lot. It is true that they all shared the ticking. It seems poor engineering that creates an engine that ticks. After all the ticking MUST be caused by parts that are tourching, and after a while surely it will wear away. It is worrysome but as of yet I have been unable to find a cure for this praticular problem. If there are comments about this answer please email me:

How to check for bent valves on 2001 Daewoo Lanos?

compression check The Daewoo Lanos has an interference engine, if the timing belt failed, there is a strong possibility the pistons hit valves before the engine stopped completely. First perform a compression test, if the valves are bent they will not seal properly and the compression readings will be low. Keep in mind if the timing belt is broken or not installed correctly, this could cause cylinders to have low compression also. Inspect with a fiber optic borescope through the spark plug holes, look for impressions in the piston tops. The fiber optic borescope can help by giving an indication of the damage that may have occured without disassembly.

What Type of Engine Oil could be used in Daewoo Leganza?

5w20 or 5w30

A disgruntled individual drives a vehicle into the side of an aircraft causing an explosion inside a restricted area could be an example of?

terrorism, temporary insanity, suicide

Can the penis get stuck in a butt?

Yes it is very dangerous. Also some feces could get inside your pee-hole causing it to get infected and fall off.

What do you do when a 2000 Daewoo Lanos totally stops running on a freeway and not do anything to start back up The battery is totally charged?

Have someone check to see if your timing belt is broke. I had the same problem with my Daewoo Leganza and the timing belt was broke also check your valves they may be bent. +info+ i have a 2000 lanos they recalled mine for the wiring harnes issue and also a problem with the cam pos sen in certain modales that could cause the car to just stop also but mine wasnt one of them thank god the way to tell was a certain number's in the vin#Answerokay, what i need to know is weather or not it's turning over, my car a 200 Daewoo lanos has a fuse that blew a few weeks ago and i had no idea that it would kill my car, i believe it is labled as Engine sensor or something like that middle of fuse panel inside of the car. Apparently it kills all spark to the engine, the DIS "distributorless Ignition System" fuse will do the exact same thing. Car will not start or run. let me know if you need any more help such as how to change a starter, believe me im an expert at it now and im only 18, 3 starters in my car so far. 2000-daewoo Lanos first replacement starter was put in at around 40,000 miles, second replacement was put in at about 54,000 miles. If you must replace the starter be sure to pay for the lifetime warranty, you'll need it. RobertCravens_Robert@yahoo.comAnswer2000 Daewoo Lanos Shutdown problems/causes: I have been working with my brother's Daewoo Lanos 2000 since about 15,000 miles. The ecm (stick-shifts) is located in a very poor location as is the wiring harness to the computer. The AC has a fluid leak problem and unless you drain the hose and drill a drain hole in it the AC will leak into the passanger floor (where the ecm and harness is and cause the shutdown problem. After this has affected the ecm and harness it MAY recover if you dry it out AND wrap the harness wires (something that should have been done at the factory), BUT the ecm will continue to be affected by cool wet mornings or evenings. To repair this the best thing you could do is relocate the ecm and wiring harness to a safer location (not an overly easy task) AND check the wiring harness connections, removing the corrosion that you WILL find there. BEFORE you think of replacing the ecm try this first it can save you hundereds that you may not need to pay out.If I can help or if you have any info for me:

What is causing my dogs nose to swell shut and red pus bumps to form inside of it?

If your dog's nose is swelling shut and there are sores present inside of it, there could be a variety of things wrong. Your dog may be having an allergic reaction to something, it could have some type of autoimmune disease, or it could have a tumor or mass.

2001 mitsubushi galant is leaking water inside on floor board what causing it?

check the drain line on the a/c or does it have antifreeze smell to it then it could be the heater core

I think my cat has something eating her inside?

Probably not, but whatever is causing you to think that could be a serious problem in its own right. You should take your cat to a vet.