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The water pump is driven by the timing belt. Removal and installation of the water pump usually requires 4 hours. The easiest way to do the job is to get a Chilton or Haynes repair manual. They provide easy step by step instructions. The water pump cannot be seen unless major parts have been removed. However, the area that the belt is located is on the passenger side of the engine compartment behind both the v-belt and the serpentine belt. There will be a thick black steel plate supporting the motor that has to be removed before you see the belt.

AnswerIf I am correct, I think I read that only the 1995 lebaron has the timing belt- the others have the timing chain. Anyway- I have just replaced the water pump on a 1995 Lebaron GTC 3.0 engine. This car had the timing belt. The water pump is located on the passenger side of the vehicle. It is behind the steel plate that is bolted to the engine. To access the water pump it is necessary to remove the motor mount that is bolted to the top wheel well. Note!!(I bought the chiltons engine repair manual, It helped a little but was not detailed enough to explain what needed to be done.)In order to do this you must have a floor jack to place under the vehicle. you need to support the engine when you remove the mount. I had a floor jack with a block of wood on it and placed the jack under the oil pan and jacked it up so the jack just held the engine in place. Next I used the vehicle jack and jacked up the car to remove the passenger front wheel. you need to remove the wheel and the inner front plastic wheel well cover (a few screws and some push type connectors.) You need to do this in order to get at some of the bolts on the plate. You must be safe and support the vehicle with blocks or jack stand do not get under the vehicle to remove bolts etc with just the car jack holding up the car, It can fall on you or someone. Ok now you have the car up solid. My vehicle was all metric so your going to need a set of metric sockets and a set of metric wrenches. I used 10mm-11mm-12mm-13mm and 15mm sockets and wrenches to do the job.

I am not a mechanic, and I did not know what I was getting into when I started this job, but if your like me a note pad to draw diagrams of where thing go and will help alot. bolts etc.To get at the water pump you first remove the upper radiator hose----sorry have to go will finish this tomorrow

AnswerHey i,m back---well with the car engine supported and the passenger wheel and front wheel well cover removed, we are ready to get to work. First remove the top radiator hose from the radiator and from the top of the engine at the thermostat. ( unplug the the two wires at the thermostat) and the wire to the alternator and move them out of the way. Next remove the two bolts that hold the alternator then push down on the alternator to remove the serpentine belt. On the top of the wheel well, remove the two bolts holding the motor mount- and then remove the bolts that hold the motor mount to the front plate, and remove the motor mount.In order to unbolt the plate that is covering the water pump, you need to unbolt the air conditioner compressor, remove the four bolts holding the compressor onto it,s mounting bracket. The small drive belt should come right off. Next remove the two bolts holding the compressor bracket in place. (note- when the compressor is loose take some wire and wrap it around the hoses and lift it up as high as you can and tie it to the front grill area to keep it from hanging. Next you need to remove the mounting bolts on the bracket for the Power Steering pump- looking at the engine from the passenger side it,s the pulley on the very bottom left. you have to slightly get under the car and find the two bolts on the bracket to remove them. now your ready to remove the big plate that is covering the pump. You should be able to see all the bolts needed to remove the plate. Some of the bolts are long and others are short- make a diagram and measure the bolts so you can see where they go when you get ready to replace them. Once all the bolts are removed pull forward on the plate. on the back of the plate there are protrusions that fit in the engine, wiggle it around and it should come off.With the plate off remove the timing belt covers top and bottom. Again make a drawing of bolt placement. With the cover off you should now see the water pump.There are bolts all around the pump I think 9 in all remove and replace your pump and put everything back like you took it off. You may have to play with the jack that is holding up the engine, lifting it slightly up and down at one point or another to line up the engine mount. before you put every thing in make sure that the timing belt does not fall off the cams or your timing will be off- this happened to me and i had to remove everything again to line up the cams and botom pulley. Have to go- good luck and be safe. i will tell later how to set the timing belt. rniz AnswerHi again--- well like I said while i was removing things i let the timing belt fall off the cams. I put it back on but I must have been a tooth off and it threw the car out of timing.With the belt on the top cams ---use a wrench and rotate the bottom pulley until the mark on the belt spleen (The part where the belts teeth fit into) is lined up with the nub that is sticking out of the oil pump. If you look closley at the belt spleen you will see a little cut away on the front of it. ( the part closest to the engine) this notch will be almost straight up and in line with the nub on the oil pump. This will get you at tdc with the #1 piston. next remove the belt from the top two cams and turn each cam until the marks on the cam, ( mine were little triangles) line up with the marks on the back plates. Replace your belt and your ready to reassemble. ---I couldn,t find anyone to tell me how to do this job, I figured it out by myself. anyway good luck---peace out rniz
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Q: Where is the water pump located on a 1991 Chrysler LeBaron V6?
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