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On the four cyclindar it is located on the left of the engine. It is located behind one of the opulley on the alternator belt. The pulley should be smooth and have no teeth. If you need more help I would suggest getting the Hayes book.

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โˆ™ 2006-09-27 13:34:37
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Q: Where is the water pump sensor located on a 1998 Ford Contour SE?
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Where is the Water Temp Sensor on a 1998 ford contour?

The Temperature sensor for the computer is on top the head. The temperature sensor for the temperature gauge is located under the Thermostat housing.

Where is the air bag sensor on a 1998 ford contour?

The crash sensor could be located under the hood somewhere

Where is egr valve 1998 2.0 contour located?

where is egr valve on 1998 ford contour

Where is the camshaft position sensor located on a 1998 Ford Contour?

I'm not sure which engine you have, but, the 2.0 has the camshaft sensor on the drivers side of the engine, right in front of the distributer

How do you check if the ABS sensor is working on a 1999 Ford Expedition What can you do?

how do you check the abs sensor on a 1998 contour

Where is the water temp sensor on a 1998 Honda accord 4 cylinder located?

The coolant temperature sensor on a 1998 Honda Accord is located next to the thermostat housing. The sensor has a blue clip located on the right side of the engine compartment.

Where is the front pump transmission seal located at on a 1998 ford contour?

The Ford Contour was produced from the years 1995 to 2000. The front pump transmission seal in a 1998 Ford Contour is located very close to the camshaft.

How do you replace the 02 sensor on a 1998 Ford Contour 4 cylinder.?

Also were is it located at on the car and can this 57 year mom do it myself without too much trouble.

Where is the defroster compressor located on a 1998 Ford Contour SE?

No such thing.

Where is the coolant temperature sensor for the fans on a 1998 camaro 5.7l?

It is the sensor located in the water pump. It is a 2 prong plug, screwed straight into the front of the water pump. The other sensor that is located in the cylinder head is for your gauge.

Where is the crankshaft position sensor located in a 1998 Buick park ave?

The sensor is on the front cover near the water pump area.

Where is the speed sensor located on 1998 olds bravada?

wHereis the abs wheel speed sensor located on 1998 Oldsmobile bravadaI

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