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Where is the water temp sensor located on a 1991 Buick Regal?


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2006-05-30 23:02:27
2006-05-30 23:02:27

I know that on the 1990 3.6 231ci it is just under the air intake manafold. Two wires attached to it with a clip. You might ave to remove the air filter "system" to see it.

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Possibly located on passenger side of engine below and slightly to the left of the water pump.

On the 3.1L & 3.8L engines, the CMP sensor is located on the timing cover, behind the water pump, near the camshaft sprocket.

The sensor is on the front cover near the water pump area.

Under hood, passenger side, lower engine area, below water pump, mounted on timing cover.

It's located on the block, just above the water pump

the sensor is located behind the pulley for the water pump has one single 8mm bolt in it u need to remove pulley to get at it

IS CALL CAMSHAFT SENSOR AND IS LOCATED ON THE RIGTH SIDE OF THE ENGINE , ABOVE THE CRANK PULLEY You will have a crank sensor, but it won't have a cam sensor. it dose have a cam sensor, on the timing cover left sind of water pump

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How do you replace the water pump and where is it located on a 1996 Buick Skylark V6

I had the same problem with my 90 buick century, Replacing the temperature sensor did the trick, it is located above and behind the water pump.

A 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and distilled water.

On a 1994 Buick Regal 3.8L engine, the camshaft position sensor (CMP sensor) is located on the timing cover, behind the water pump, near the camshaft sprocket. Basic removal and installation instructions: # Disconnect the negative battery cable. # Remove the serpentine drive belt. # Remove the power steering pump, as outlined in Section 8 of this manual. # Detach the sensor electrical connector. # Remove the CMP sensor mounting bolt, then remove the sensor from the engine. # Inspect the sensor O-ring seal and replace as required. To install: # Position the CMP sensor and secure with the retaining bolt. Tighten the bolt to 8 ft. lbs. (10 Nm). # Attach the sensor electrical connector. # Install the power steering pump, as outlined in Section 8 of this manual. # Install the serpentine drive belt. # Connect the negative battery cable.

Low coolant? Thermostat not opening? Water pump not circulating coolant?

Engine compartment, on passenger side. Back box by the water reservoirs.

Above the water pump, Follow the lower hose to the water pump the look above the water pump slightly to the right; Has a 2 wire connector attached

Drain the radiator on the 94 Regal. Remove the water pump belt (remove the fan and shroud if necessary.) Unbolt the water pump. Install the new pump, then reverse the instructions to finish the installation.

It isn't easy. If you want, get a manual on your car from DISCOUNTAUTOREPAIRMANUALS.COM for about $9 and it will show you how.

Usually 50 / 50 , up to 60 % antifreeze in colder climates

The temp sensor is located on the intake manifold

Regular green antifreeze of any manufacturer will be fine in a 50-50 mix with water

the camshsft sensor is located under the water can`t see it,you have to feel for it

Just did this today. The sensor is located on the front face of the engine. If you are standing by the right side fender, feel down on the back side just behind the water pump pulley. It is located at about the 8:00 position just below and to the left of the pulley.

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