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When you get to the second page with no text, press the Tab button on your keyboard. It'll show you the little white button. However, it does not do anything at all and contrary to popular belief, does not lead to a shutdown site.

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2020-09-29 21:35:36

omg it sent me to a trump campaign site lolololol

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Where is the white button on the big red button?

When it gets to the second blank page with no text you press tab on your keyboard and you will see it.

How do you turn on the comptuer?

Hit BIG RED SHINY BUTTON. If you don't have a BIG RED SHINY BUTTON, hit the button in front of the comptuer.

Don't press the button?

Don't press the big red button! For the good of all humanity- don't even think about pressing the button!*Presses button*False alarm. It was the big green button you weren't supposed to press.*Presses big green button*NOOOOO!

How do you close an iPod?

push the big red sauce button

How do you press the white button in the big red button?

There actually is a white button! All you have to do is get to the point when the text turns upsidown,,then click until the text disapears,click once more and then click the tab button on ur key board and a small yellow square appears in the left corner,,click on it and it will bring u to a new website!!

What spider is big and white with red hairs?

red back ?

How do you beat the big red button version 2.0?

Don't press alt+f4 press the button!

Do not press the red button?

its an on line game find it on google all u do is press the red button and it's not much more than that just pressing the red button but on version 1.0 there's a white button but if u press it it does nothing you can find it if you highlight the red button after the text is gone for two presses of the button.:-) enjoy the game.

Big red and white what are you?

bloody zebra??

Is there a restart button on a 1986 Areostar Van?

yes it was to the left of the big red button hope that helps xx

How do you beat big red button game 2.0?

dont press alt

What is a close window button?

Its thebig X chickk ;) the BIG red one

How do you get of this website now?

U click the big red X button in the corner...

What are the release dates for Month of the Novel - 2011 The Big Red Button 2-4?

Month of the Novel - 2011 The Big Red Button 2-4 was released on: USA: 12 November 2013

How do you get past the boss encounter on the game button hunt 3?

Right click the blank white space on the Left side. Then when the yellow outline is on the red button on the Right side, Left click the red button. Enjoy!

How do you click the big red button when its moving in 2?

Click it before it goes away

How do you operate the radio station?

put an arial in your house and press the BIG RED button.

How do you open the sliding door on steam works island?

You press the big red button.

How to stop plc from hmi?

Most large machines have a big red button on the human-machine interface panel (HMI panel). When I push the big red button, everything on the machine stops, including the programmable logic controllers (PLC).

Why is there a big white play button on youtube videos?

Because Google sees this as a solution for people who have trouble clicking the small play button.

What are the colors in the flag of the county Tyrone?

Red and white.Red and white.Red and white.Red and white.Red and white.Red and white.Red and white.Red and white.Red and white.Red and white.Red and white.

What is the red button called on a moblie?

a red button

What is the remote code for LG DVD?

its long and gray with white buttons and it has 1 red button

How do you I end an installation of a program?

You either hit the cancel button or the big red X to end it.

How do you talk to Willow Lynd on Sims 3?

First you press the back button then you go to the town map then you go to one of the big houses then you press the big house that says the clique then you press interact then she is the one withthe red hair,red skirt(plaid),white tights,and black shirt.